How to Write Structured Essay

How to Write Structured Essay

With this post, you will be understand how to write structured essay, the background of essay is a movie love in the time of cholera.

Write Structured - Introduction

Love in the time of cholera is a romantic movie based on the time when cholera was a endemic problem in country of Colombia. The movie is themed as a romantic love triangle between a doctor who is fighting cholera in his country his wife and her ex lover whom she actually wanted to marry. The movie was released in year 2007 and it is based on a novel written by an Italian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The author has authored a romantic manifesto of a love triangle thriving in the tough times when entire country is gripped by the wrath of cholera disease (Gene H. Bell-Villada, 1990). The director of the movie is Mr. Mike Newell and he is very well accolade and praised for his unique efforts in movie direction and bringing out the reality of that era. This write structured essay is divided into two parts and the first part will be reflecting upon the movie and its theme and how it relates with the actual sufferings of people of Colombia and then in second part of the report we will be discussing one of the causative determinants of the cholera epidemic in Haiti which recently faced a major outbreak in country. The aims and objectives of the report are to reflect upon the theme of the movie and find the correlations between the movie and the actual situation of Colombia presently as well as during the cholera epidemic era. The report is also aimed to briefly analyze and discuss one of the causative determinants of the Haiti outbreak of cholera and the possible impacts of strategies on a political significance level and regional integrity of the country.

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Part 1

Cholera has been recognized as one of the most deadly and infectious disease of past. It was considered almost as synonym to death when antibiotics and replenishment therapy were not a reality in medical science. This disease has claimed millions of lives all over the world over the time and still many third world countries are struggling to eradicate it from their area. Cholera is spread by a very virulent bacterium known as vibrio choleri (Brody et. al., 2000). The common symptoms of infection are "uncontrolled vomiting" fever and persistent diarrhea” which will ultimately lead to a fatal dehydration and septicemia if not treated properly (Barrett, 2000). The weakness of the patient claims his life in this disease along with severe lack of salt and water in body.  As discussed in introduction the movie “Love in times of cholera” the movie pictures a gruesome scene of Country of Colombia when it was struggling with the epidemic of cholera and development of a hidden romance between the wife of a doctor and her ex lover. The movie has shown the sufferings of the general population and the unconcerned attitude of the government authorities of that time. The lead roles of the movies are Dr. Urbino who is a very dedicated and intelligent doctor (Carter, 1988). The movie “love in the times of cholera” shows a romantic story of the times when cholera was widespread in Columbia and also shows how much people have suffered during those times. Well the movie directly don’t show the name of the city but then also there are lots of evidences based on which we can say that it is based on the condition of Columbia then. The movie shows the life of a dedicated doctor Dr. Urbino who is making all efforts possible to help down  who is going out of his way to help the people in suffering and he has initiated the task of freeing his home land from this dreadful disease. The movie has never express idly mentioned the name of the country and city but all the setup and time line indicates it to be the movie showing Colombia. Dr. Urbino the lead role of the movie has a lovely wife Mrs. Florina who was in love with her childhood lover Mr. Ariza.  The movie has shown a stark contrasting difference between two sides of life where on one side a secret love is being developed over 50 years while on the other side the people are dying because of the lack of medicines and hygienic environment. It is observed in the movie that common citizen of that time was not having access to the basic amenities of life and they were leading a life in inhuman condition. They were weak and surrendering to the inevitable death as their fate. There was no indication of government actually trying to assist its citizens and remove the disease. These contrasting features have shown to the audience “what was the economical and political situation of the country in those times”.  In a subtle way writer has attempted to provide many messages in the novel and movie like the entire system is being gripped by a disease and if a person attempts to fight the system he will succumb to the reality in the end. The writer has also shown that as cholera spreads like a wildfire and engulfs thousands of people at a time the political disturbances and greed of politicians is spreading like a wildfire and it is costing millions of people their lives and homes.  The political scenario of the country was shown as an analogy of the environment which is suitable for development of a disease like cholera thus indicating that the entire country is in the same environment of political bitterness and saturated by the inhuman behavior of leaders (Bailey, 1988).

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The romantic part of the movie is a contrasting feature of the story and it subtly indicates that like a dormant bacteria love always remains in the heart of true lovers and when the right time comes it surfaces with a sudden force just like a spore of cholera bacteria spreads in hot and saturated environment (Barnet, 1972). It has also shown that as cholera weakness a human being and he succumbs to the disease similarly love can weakens the will power of a human being and cause him to ultimately bow down to its superiority. Even in present time the relevance of the novel and movie is not diminished and it can analogues to various countries all over the globe who are being gripped by poverty’ wars’ political fallouts’ dictatorships and lack of basic living amenities and how it is covering the countries like a endemic disease without any solution (Bell, 1993).

Part 2

In This part of the report the focus will be on analyzing and indentifying the causative determinants of the cholera outbreak in Haiti. It is a small poor country which lacks in basic infrastructure and facility and it has recently suffered a major earth quake in beginning of the year 2010 and then from October 2010 it was attacked by an epidemic of cholera.  Approximately 7000 people died in the cholera outbreak and many more were suffering. However by the month of June 2011 the number of infected people gradually started to lower because of the efforts by government of Haiti and prompt responses by organizations like UN and WHO. Following the outbreak many agencies and researchers conducted independent researches to find out the root cause of the disease and reached different conclusions

Two main theme which were finally agreed by most of the people are “earthquake in year 2010 has caused a lot of damage to the sewerage lines of the country thus mixing the water supply with it causing the wide spread infection while on the other hand the report of CDC USA stated that one of the camps of UN peace keeping forces has disposed there waste products in the river artibonite which is the main water supplying source of the country and caused the wide outbreak (CDC, 2010)  However the WHO (the highest world health authority) has discarded the second report and claimed earthquake damages along with poor living condition of people of Haiti as the root cause of disease. The first cause of the outbreak is also supported by the fact that “in many other outbreaks of diseases in the past it was observed that a lot of them followed other natural calamity like flood’ famine’ cyclone or earthquake”.

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Government of Haiti has taken various steps to ensure that outbreak can be controlled with minimal damages in 2010-11. It was aided by various governments of the country along with agencies like WHO’ UNESCO’ UN and CDC USA.  The international aid to the poor country of Haiti slowly brought the country back from the deathly grips of disease but during the time of outbreak the country also suffered political unrest and protest from its citizens against the government. As it was claimed by some researchers that UN peace keeping army camp could be one of the causative determinants of the disease the local politicians got a very politically sensitive issue and with the upcoming elections it was used to spread rumors and stage violent riots to create a political excitement in the country and negative feelings towards the existing government.  This has created a setback in the efforts by the government and international agencies to control the diseases. The agencies has set up the temporary clinics and hospitality industry in various places of Haiti and targeted the rural area where normal government agencies were not able to reach on time. Citizens of the country were provided with medicine’ hygienic food and utilities along with treatment so that they can be recovered from the disease as early as possible. The agencies also started educational program to educate people about homemade ways to ensure safe drinking water and maintaining hygienic surroundings at their villages.  Government of Haiti also declared the situation as a threat of national level and declared a state of emergency in the country. Many people question the political motive behind the riots in the country and claim that they were staged to develop a political momentum in the country (Katz, 2010). It is also argued that even if government succumbs to the demand of some citizens and remove peace keeping corps the long term cause of this move will be much more devastating for the country and it can again witness the political turmoil and civil war in the country pushing the country way behind in developmental procedures.


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