Voltage Energy Drinks Project Report

Voltage Energy Drinks Project Report

This is a solution of Voltage Energy Drinks Project Report that describes about Voltage Energy Drinks and its aim.


VOLTAGE ENERGY DRINKS is an international company that has its own production of energy drinks. Started in the year 2005, Voltage energy drinks has been successful in introducing its energy drinks in over 10 different countries like United State, India, Australia etc. and in 2013 alone, the company was successful in selling 150 million cans throughout the countries it has its business in. The company has a working faculty of 50,000 staff, working in its 20 different offices, located in 10 different countries, the head office being located in Mumbai, India. The company is famous for its organisational structure, aggressive marketing and targeting policies. The company is one of the leading brands that take part in social events, provides sponsorships and holds charity events. It is dream company for employees because of the positive work conditions and environment that the company provides.

Voltage Energy Drinks Project Report

Aim of voltage energy drinks

Voltage Energy Drink aims to rejuvenate the body and mind, unleashing a boost of energy to the individual also offering a great taste.

Mission of voltage energy drink

The mission of the company is to provide the world with the best and high quality alcohol free drink for the consumer to refresh their body and mind. The company aims at reaching out everywhere and create high level of potentials. The company works to see a day where the world will see it as the most trusted and reputed company. At the end of the day the company aims at making the world a better place to live in; to improve the quality and lifestyle of every person that is directly or indirectly connected to Voltage energy Drink Company.

Vision of voltage energy drink

  • To provide a working environment where people are motivated to do their best.
  • To establish an efficient network of customers and suppliers.
  • To maximize the returns to shareowners as well as being aware of their overall responsibilities and duties
  • To bring to the world a number of quality beverage that will completely satisfy people’s desires and needs.
  • To be an effective and hardworking organisation.

Organisation structure

The organizational structure of a company defines the type of relationships in a company – to say in simple words, who works for whom. Companies choose an organizational structure based factors such as their size, their geographic location, and the number of different products and services they offer. The Voltage Energy Drinks Company works in a regional and functional organisation structure. In this structure, an organisation’s reporting relationships are grouped bases on functional areas. The regional organisation structure makes sure that the working of the company in different parts of the world is smooth and the functional structure makes sure that there are separate departments for every function that the company has to perform.The regional organisational structure can be divided into different categories based on the location such as:

  • India
  • USA
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • UAE

The company is controlled by the CEO at the top level followed by the under given departments:

Goals and objectives

  • To provide energy to individuals while they areon the road, at work, doing sports, studying, playing games or going out during the day and night
  • To reach the sales of 1 billion cans by the year 2016
  • To expand its business in 4 more countries by the year 2015
  • To increase the staff to 75000 members by the next year with the expanding business.
  • To be the main sponsor of worldwide events such as FIFA, Wimbledon, Cricket World Cups, NBA and other national tournaments.
  • To be the leading brand of energy drinks throughout the world
  • To generate a minimum revenue of $1 Billion in the upcoming financial year

About  the company, its products and its strategies

The company manufactures Revolt Energy Drink which is famous throughout the world. Priced at 2$ a can (400ml) and 1$ a bottle (200ml), the energy drink is highly popular amongst individuals of every age group. The can comes in black colour with everything written on it in holographic green colour and the bottle is transparent with a black sticker patch all around it in the middle section with everything written on it in holographic white colour. The drink comes in mainly two flavours:

  • Cranberry
  • Blueberry

The main ingredients of the energy drink are:

  • Glucose and Sucrose
  • Caffeine
  • Taurine
  • Glucuronolactone
  • Inositol
  • Niacin
  • D-Pantothenol
  • Pyridoxine HCL
  • Vitamin B-12

The various strategies of the company to promote the brand and its products are:

  • It distributed its products to every available outlet possible in the market such as super-markets, gyms, coffee houses, in n out convenience stores, college canteens, pizza outlets etc.
  • Advertising their drinks onsites such as Facebook,.
  • The company actively provides sponsorships to any type of sports events throughout the world. It provides both products and money in the sponsorship.
  • It uses various available media channels such as cinemas, TV, radio, press and internet to promote its products.
  • It sponsors motor sports and fun sports, wherever the event can get them recognition
  • It sponsors miscellaneous events
  • It also provides sponsorships to famous players and athletes
  • It provides sponsorships to college fests as they provide a lot of positive marketing of the product amongst students.

The use of information technology and information systems in the company 

Information Technology and Information systems are two different terms but most of the people treat them as same or are unable to differentiate them correctly. Information systems are group of objects which provide us the information or data we require. These can be in the form of books, notes, documentaries, ancient art and architecture etc. and these sources of information have existed since the beginning of time. The information technology, on the other hand, is the use of computer and its hardware and softwares to store, manipulate and retrieve the required data and information. Information technology thus came into existence after the invention of computers and till date is improving with new inventions taking place every day.

Voltage Energy Drinks Company is popular in the world due to its strategies and the technology it uses for its day-to-day working. As the company is working in different countries it makes use of both the information systems and information technologies to make its working easy, reduce their working cost and achieve higher profits.

Advantages of information systems to the company

  • It became easy for the company to store, manipulate and retrieve the information
  • It brought about a better co-ordination amongst the different levels of the company and its organisational structure.
  • Sharing of information became faster, easier and more secure.
  • It also reduced the possibilities of errors in the company due to computer verifications
  • It has helped the company to increase profits by reducing their working cost.

The softwares used by the company in their day-to-day working are:

  • TeamViewer – The Company uses this software to share information and hold video conference meetings.
  • Microsoft Office – The Company uses Microsoft office and its components to prepare presentations, graphs, spread sheets, etc.
  • Tally ERP-9 – The Company uses tally to keep records of its accounts.

The company and its e-commerce strategies

Voltage Energy Drinks Company is one company which is known for its great online promotions and strategies which brought the company into limelight throughout the world. The company took to Facebook and twitter in its initial stages to promote its product. The company and its products spread like a fire and became viral over the internet. On Facebook alone, the company’s page had 850,000 followers in a short period of time. After its promotional success the company started selling its products through online sites such as EBay and Amazon. These online products came in special pickings for example a pack of 6 cans. The company also started a monthly contest in which any follower who posted unique and the best advertising and promotional ideas in the benefit of the company’s products would receive freebies or gift hampers from the company.


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