UK-France Infrastructure Assignment

UK-France Infrastructure Assignment

This is a  solution of uk-france infrastructure assignment from which you can learn about implementation of this unique, trans-national, public infrastructure investment project


The Channel tunnel, opened in 1994, is an undersea tunnel linking United Kingdom and Northern France, beneath the English Channel. There is a story of the way the implementation of this unique, trans-national, public infrastructure investmentproject was managed. This involved, not just managing all the engineering challenges, but also responding to the emerging safety regime and commercial requirements of the business and modifying the design accordingly, while dealing with a continuous financing crisis as the costs of the project ballooned (Castles, 2003). {Also Read: - Global Supply Chain Assignment}


Transportation time between France and England has been considerably reduced with the advent of the channel tunnel. Now, goods can be easily transported within Europe without any climate constraints, and importing-exporting costs have reduced. Some small and medium enterprises have been setup in the vicinity of the terminals and this has created many business and employment opportunities (Knowles, 2009). Furthermore, the tunnel is environment friendly, as it allows only electric and diesel powered vehicles.

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The trains passing through the tunnel produce a lot of noise and cause noise pollution. In case of electrical or structural failures, there is a risk of shutdown and passengers might be left trapped inside. In 2007, an electrical failure lasting six hours caused passengers to be trapped in the tunnel on a Eurotunnel shuttle crossing (BBC, 2007). There are security issues arising from the open passage provided between different countries. There have been cases of illegal immigrations through the tunnel, and incidents have occurred where people were injured during crossing or had tempered with the equipment, causing failures. Eurotunnel has spent about £5m reinforcing security measures after five refugees were killed by trains trying to enter Britain illegally (Webster, 2007).{Also Read: - Project Risk Management Assignment}

Extent of success

The advent of channel tunnel has been revolutionary as a travelling route from the United Kingdom to mainland Europe (Gourvish and Gourvish, 2006). Due to reduction in time, importing-exporting has been made easier. The customers get a new choice of service from the Shuttles as well as lower prices (Castles, 2003). However, the huge expenditures on this expensive infrastructure make the success story questionable from economists’ point of view. Huge resources have been wasted providing this expensive piece of infrastructure which provides only a marginal quality of service advantage over the alternative means of transport by ferry (Castles, 2003).


The channel tunnel as a mode of transport has provided quality service to the passengers. The application of the principles and measures adopted deal with the amount of uncertainty which can never be wholly eliminated (Knowles, 2009). However, the project failed to generate expected revenue and much of the taxpayers’ money was written off. With the mountain of debt requiring services at the rate of nearly £2 million a day, the situation immediately brings the finances of the company into question (Gourvish and Gourvish, 2006). The success of the channel tunnel as a service has been unquestionable, but its contribution to the economy and overall welfare is debatable.


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