Types of Cyber Crime Assignment

Types of Cyber Crime Assignment

This types of cyber crime assignmentis finalpart of the cyber crime assignment (  previous parts Cyber Crime - Introduction and spread reasons). It discusses the various types of e-crime in detailed way.

Types of Cyber Crime

1.1 Money Laundering

Money laundering is the process of hiding or removing the source of money earned from illegal ways. Laundering means washing and it here means hiding, removing or legitimization. There are various ways by which a person can obtain money illegally like involvement in business of drugs, fraud, cheating, accounting, tax saving and corrupted activities. Depending on the situations, circumstances and source of the illegal money, there are different types of methods of money laundering (Askin and Chiu, 1990). There are various steps involved in the money laundering which starts from placement of illegal money to some finance or economy related system and layering it over and over to make it non-understandable and quite complex and lastly it is integrated with economy related issues. In this way the illegal source is hidden and money seems as cleaned to save tax under corporate governance policies.

1.2 E-mail Eavesdropping

Email Eavesdropping is the process of the leaking out the content and information mentioned in the email without the permission and knowledge of the person related to the email. It is immoral and unethical process which is used to remove the privacy of email by unauthorized activities (Aldag, 1997). There are various laws and acts provided by the Government for maintaining the privacy of the emails. But the internet is surrounded by various immoral activities and the data in email is as not secure as people believe. People must encrypt the emails for protecting them from email eavesdropping so that the unauthorized people will not able to read and understand the data of email. There are other various other techniques that can be used to protect emails and information as email may contain some sensitive information.

1.3 Penetrating through Credit Cards and Banking

When the users are using their online banking facility or paying the bills by credit card on the internet, sometimes their all sensitive information is virtually captured by the network in which they are using their service and it can be misused by the unauthorized users and the real users face all problems (Towill, 1970). This is mostly happening in common, public or sharing networks where their user name, password or other related information is kept saved and further used to misuse. There are various ways to protect themselves from hackers who are hacking information related to credit cards and e -banking like education, viewing certification before agreement and spending some more time for reading security related messages so that the user will not fall in any problem.

1.4 Theft via Internet

Internet is very huge and very complex network where there are numerous users and applications used by them. So there are more chances of mis-happening and hackers do their best for stealing identity of the users by hacking their personal information, bank account related or other sensitive information using Internet. There are various techniques used by the hacker for stealing identity like phishing and online businesses, etc (Steudel, 1987). People sometimes do not give more time and click on any email or link available on the web pages and their personal information can be hacked by the hackers. In this way they can lose their financial and personal information and may struck in big problems. So to prevent and protect from such type of hackers, people must see the content and if they find it trustable then only the next step is to be taken.

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1.5 Pornography Trading

This process involves activities related to the business of restricted sexual material for the production and its availability in restricted areas or people. People do this business by various mediums like internet, videos, CDs, photos, etc. for the entertainment of adults. There are various laws and acts to control the pornography trading but it is not completely controllable as it generates a great part of revenue that contributes to the economy (Irani, 2003). But this process increases the sex crimes and it gives a very bad impact on the society as it lures people to sex related activities and move them into criminals gradually. Morals and ethics of the society are no more with the increase and support in pornography trading. The people involved in such activities need to stop and give punishment for their act.

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1.6 Forgery Operations

The crime in which there are illegal activities related to reproduction or making some changes in the documents, signature or any important information to claim for personal use of others. This crime is very commonly used in this new era and most attractive crime for the criminals in this time. The criminals are mostly out of touch or detection due to ignorance, negligence, and incomplete training (Nandkeolyar, 1986). In the business world, there is need for data privacy and data lose prevention. To prevent and protect data, there should be proper document verification before any further step is taken by the business owner and there should be proper alertness to find the forgery activities like small change in signature, change in character of cheque, etc. In this way it can be stopped and protected.

2.0 Immoral Acts of Using Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless device which is used to exchange the data over small range of distance from mobile and static devices which uses radio technology. There are several uses of the Bluetooth device in communication and it made various changes in the network and devices. But people are misusing Bluetooth device by exchanging restricted information and they may hack the information transferred from one device to another by capturing it for their personal (Towill, 1987). Sometimes the hackers manipulate the information sent from one person to another over wireless media and change the complete meaning of the information that leads to a great problem to those who are really exchanging the data and it brings problems in their relationships. Proper care needs to be taken to avoid such problems.

3.0 Misuse of Mobile Phone and Services

Mobile phones and their services are the most useful products of technology and the technical people as these devices are having such good features and most effective services that have made human life so much easy. But people like adults, terrorists, criminals are using the cell phones and its services for wrong activities and they use it unauthorized, restricted and immoral acts (Hameri, 2004). For example, MMS is a service to send multimedia message over network to others but this service is also used to illegal photos and clips which is further used in pornography trading, etc illegal activities. The text message service is to send static text but the new generation is getting busy with this and starts to forget the objective.

4.0 Spam and Obscene

Spam are the advertisement medium used through the internet which involves sending the commercial mails in the bulk. This activity is offensive in nature up to some extent and now a day spam mails are increasing very rapidly due to more and more aggressive marketing strategies adopted by the companies. The Internet has become home to the various offensive content which is posted everyday on the various internet websites (Medbo, 2005). The Content which is posted through internet is offensive in terms of either politically, socially or may be racist in nature which can create problem among the people. By using spam mails and obscene data, hackers try to gather the data and try to make benefit of it. So people must take care while clicking on any email.

5.0 Setting up Vicious Satellite Channels

In this world, there is found new and new satellite channels and people gets confused what to follow and watch. Information available in these satellite channels are so presented to the viewers that they get attracted and starts believing in them. From these satellite channels, the owners do false business and the criminals do take benefit of the media (Galetto, 2002). They show the products which are not real or so effective and attract people and in this way, the crime goes on. These channels do not have their own identity and they mislead people and use their information for their benefits.

6.0 E-commerce and banking crimes

The Electronic crimes have spread through the vast geographical and among the majority computer and internet users. Internet has a major role in spreading the electronic crimes in various networks around the globe. Internet provides a platform for business for providing information related to their products and services to the customers and for the customers to order those products and services (Fishman, 1978). But some people use this facility for their benefits by showing false information or inaccurate data or they may use their account related information for further use.

7.0 Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking is the process of selling the illegal material through the encrypted mails. These swapping deals take place at the cyber café and other internet centres (Ayantokun, 2006). Internet is the best media for criminals as it is very fast and requires no extra efforts (Flynn, 1987). By using encryption and other techniques, people get involved in the illegal business by using emails as medium of their communication.

8.0 Cyber Terrorism

The Cyber terrorism is the act of attacking with the use of internet. These attacks can be on vast number of computer systems, information systems and networks by the mean of spreading virus in the personal computers. Government is more concerned about the cyber terrorism as it spoils the network and the related information which may hamper for short term to long term (Knight, 1986). It can target from one computer to network of computers so it is attack that needs to be stopped.


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