Time Management Assignment

Time Management Assignment


This project is about conducting an outdoor sports event (Volleyball Championship) at the office.

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Aims and Objectives:

The game is aimed at a team building exercise which will help to increase the comfort level among the employees. It will improve the camaraderie between the employees and help in creating a better work and Time Management Assignment. The participants will play as a team and thus, it will help in team building. They will be able to understand the concept of team building and might extend it to their workplace as well. People are well aware of the fact that our productivity increases for project management when we work in teams but they need a practical example to believe it and this might serve as the eye-opener.

The main objective of the event will be to get maximum employees to participate in the event. This will facilitate in building a relationship between the employees and might act as a platform for the subordinates to team up and interact socially / informally with their superiors.

Project Information:

The project will include a successful conduct of the games. The game is played by a team of 6 players. The number of rounds will be decided based on the number of teams formed. Each department has to register at least one team in the event; multiple teams from one department will also be allowed, from this strategy we can give an example of  total quality management for all the teams.

This event will have to be publicized adequately throughout the office; then only we can get a good response to make it a successful event. They have to emphasize more on the word of mouth publicity rather than any other medium of advertisement.


Task Identification:

The following tasks have been identified for the event:

  • Preparation of Project Plan
  • Preparation of Budget
  • Availing approvals from the designated authorities
  • Inviting applications/entries for the event
  • Booking of the sports ground
  • Purchasing the required items
  • Scheduling of the matches
  • Sending out the information to the teams
  • Conducting the matches
  • Prize distribution at the Closing Ceremony


Financial Budget:

The following is the proposed budget for the activity:

ParticularsNo. of ItemsCost per pieceAmount
Ball415 €/ball60 €
Net120 €20 €
Drinks: Juices10 Litres3 €/litre30 €
             Glucose10 Boxes3 €/box30 €
Glasses1005 €
Medals (Prizes)30 €
Miscellaneous25 €
TOTAL  200 €



This activity will have to be completed within a time-frame of say, 2 weeks. The table below shows the time-frame and break-up of each activity.

Sr. No.ActivityTime Schedule
1Preparation of Project Plan and BudgetDay 1
2Availing approvals from the designated authoritiesDay 2
3Booking of the sports groundDay 3
4Inviting applications/entries for the eventDay 3 – 10
5Purchasing the required itemsDay 4 – 6
6Scheduling of the matchesDay 11
7Sending out the information to the teamsDay 11 – 12
8Reminder Information to the teamsDay 13
9Main Event - Conducting the matchesDay 14
10Prize DistributionDay 14


Gantt chart:

Time (in days)
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Time management is very crucial for everything you do in life. It allows you to carry out every task in best possible time keeping in mind the priority.


The student in case aims to manage his time for the day in which he requires doing many tasks. The aim of the project is to manage the time throughout the day to successfully complete all the activities.


 There are many activities that the student will have to do throughout the day and each of this activity is an objective in itself. So, the objectives are to get the bus and then the train in order to reach the university before 9:30 AM, submit the assignment, attend the classes, attend the meeting with student union, take the interview for a part time job and then go with friends to eat and then for a movie.


The project is to complete all the activities scheduled for the day successfully. The scope of the project is to manage the time for all the activities, plan the time managed schedule and then execute it with perfection.

Activities and Time Management for these Activities:

The day starts with the travelling by bus into Birmingham city centre to get the train into Coventry. The first task that the student has at hand is the assignment submission by 9:30 AM. So, he should start his travelling keeping in mind the time available to reach to the university. The bus takes 30 minutes while the train will also take some time. He should leave home soon enough to reach the university in time. Buffer time is always advisable.

After he reaches the university, the class is scheduled from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM. He has a meeting scheduled with the student union at 12:30 PM and again the class from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. There will be no problem to this point as there is enough amount of time in between the activities.

However, the issue is that he has an interview scheduled at 4:15 PM at a place where he has never been before. If he attends the classes till 4:00 PM, it will be difficult to make it to the place of interview at 4:15 PM. So, I will advise him to leave the class early enough to make it to the place of interview at 4:15 PM.

After the interview gets over, he will have to rush to meet the friends for something to eat as he has already planned the meeting at 5:00 PM. After that, he will go with his friends to watch a movie at 7:00 PM. By this, the day will be over with successfully completing all the activities planned.

The important thing here is to note the free time in between the activities. He will have enough free time which he needs to utilize productively. He can visit the library at the university in free time or can do some other productive task during this free time.


The very first thing that we notice when we meet others is the clothes that they are wearing and we build our first impression based on their clothes. As it is said always that the first impression is the last impression, our clothing becomes an item of greater importance than we generally assign it to.

Clothes speak a lot about our demographic and psychographic status. It tells what age bracket we belong to; what generation we belong to; what our state of mind is; what our religious orientations are; etc. Clothes do actually reflect the personality of an individual. We wear what we like and think. An individual wearing clean, neat and wrinkle-free attire reflects that he is well organized, disciplined, a perfectionist, looks into the finer details and has self-respect (E. B. Hurlock).

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Similarly, an individual sporting jeans and a T-shirt shows that the individual is in a care-free mood or is interested in some light moments or some sports activities. Likewise, individual donning completely different attire with flashy looks seems to have a desire to look different.

Clothes also speak in terms of color we are donning. Colors reflect the personality of the individual in terms of character, attitude and liking. An individual wearing a black suit or a black trouser with a light-pink shirt reflects sober, classy look coupled with an elegant style. This shows that the person is in a formal surrounding or some formal work. And if a person wears some vibrant flashy colors like orange, dark green, etc; it shows that the individual considers he is different from the rest.

Coordination is vital in clothing; co-ordination in terms of color, size and design. The accessories that we wear along with the clothes have to be in sync with the clothing style. They should be enhancing the look and not fading away the whole essence of the look (M. S. Ryan, 1996).

One more aspect of clothing is the general tendency of an individual to follow trends. Some people are very particular about fashion and make it a point to wear only fashionable clothes. They end up wearing certain clothes at certain places which are not acceptable; but because they are very individualistic, they do wear what they feel are suitable. At the same time it could work otherwise also; if an individual goes to a social gathering where he is wearing an old fashioned outfit and everyone else is flouting the recent fashion style, he might end up becoming the centre of attraction for wrong reasons.

It is very important to wear clothes according to the place we are going to, the people we are going to meet with, the prevailing situation, the purpose of visit and our mental status also. This is so because clothes speak a lot about us and if proper thinking is not put into it, it may actually reveal a lot more about us than what clothes generally do.


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