Social Group Management Assignment Help

Social Group Management Assignment Help

Q1. What went well as a group and why?

Ans. As a group there were many things which were great the group had a very rich and diverse cultural background. There were different viewpoints of thinking about cultural dimensions of New Zealand which helped us in getting a very objective view about the topic. The group was harmonious and well read and worked very hard to overcome any shortcomings during the work. The group also was very efficient in technical skills and observation power and complimented each other in different qualities.

Q2. What went wrong as a group and why?

Ans. As a group there were certain things which could have worked better. First of all the members of the group belonged to cultures which are conservative in nature and that gave the group a biased view towards liberalization and modernization. Especially women empowerment and western culture was a topic which all group members were not equally comfortable with. There were certain differences of opinion when it came to accepting the general cultural norms of New Zealand like short clothing’s of women and romantic relationships before marriages. There were also different political views because of the cultural background especially for those who are from Middle Eastern countries and African continent. Group member from countries with communist government also were not very comfortable with capitalistic environment and lavish consumption of resources.

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Q3. What would I do as a group differently next time?

Ans. In future while selecting the group i will not concentrate on the skill set and capabilities but also put due weight age on the cultural background and biasness towards culture. I will try to get a few members from the same culture which we are studying to get a better understanding of the basic issues. I will also take care that next time there will be members from both developing as well as developed economies and people from all continents of world rather than just focusing on a particular region (which in this case was Middle East and Asia pacific region). Next time i would like to add one member from India also to get a view of the one of the fastest developing economies of the world and also this will include a cultural and religious diversity in the group and will help us reduce the biasness towards any particular culture and community.

Q4.  What are the Personal weaknesses of group members?


  1. Member 1

Group member 1 belonged to Saudi Arabia which is a very conservative Islamic country of Middle East. The group member had following weaknesses. He was very good in technical knowledge but his people skills were not very satisfactory. He was sometimes abrupt in his actions and his thinking was quite biased towards the western culture and position of women in it.

  1. Member 2

Group member 2 belonged to Nigeria which is an African country. He was good at observational skills but he has certain previous biasness towards racial discrimination and was oversensitive towards the issue. He was also reactive in his nature.

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  1. Member 3

Group member 3 belongs to Pakistan another Islamic country in Asia. The country is quite poor and there is lot of social injustice. The member was very good in people skills but he is not comfortable with the culture which promotes women empowerment and getting into a relationship without marriage. He was also not happy with the kind of development some countries have while other countries are struggling to get sufficient food and basic amenities.

  1. Member 4

Group members 4 belong to China which is the fastest developing economy of world and have a communist political environment. She was very good at team work as well as technical knowledge. But born and brought up in a socialistic environment it was difficult for her to accept the freedom provided to press and common people in other countries. She was instilled with the thought that this will lead to a great difference between rich and poor. She also had some difficulty in understanding English customs and idioms probably owing to her lack of being fluent in English language.

Q5. What’s my plan about these weaknesses?

Ans. I am planning to interact more with each member make them aware of their weaknesses and ask them to help out each other. This will require good time management. I will also try to get a few members from other communities to make a balanced approach and also will try to make our work as objective as possible to avoid any incorporation of subjectivity.