Skills Analysis Assignment Help

Skills Analysis Assignment Help

This Skills Analysis Assignment Help is part of marketing course in which self evaluation, skill analysis and further action plan is described. A thorough analysis of what skills are lacking and what skills need to be acquired is discussed.

Skills Analysis and Action Plan Review

Date evaluation was undertaken:

Ever since, I opted for Marketing as my specialization, during my Masters in Business Administration Program, the thing hit me the most was being an adequate communicative person. Another thing where I needed to be better was Job Involvement and being an active participate making my participation a visible phenomenon. A major block to me was of a transferable skill. I was bad at planning and execution. Hence, to list the above, following are those:


  • Job Involvement
  • Active Participation in team task

Transferable Skill

  • Planning
  • Coordination
  • Execution

Why these I felt were the skills I was lacking at and needed to develop?

Skills Analysis Assignment help Oz Assignment Help

Being a good communicator is an imperative skill that anyone needs to posses. When specially one is into Marketing field, one has to surpass lot many challenges during one’s initial years, which are of sales’ field. I was being less spoken person, sometimes i had loose upon my clients when there used to be the case of bidding. The following two problems i.e., of Job Involvement and Active Participation were mainly due to communication problem. Read about Organisational Leadership Assignment.

Another skill which i am lacking is of management skills. I used to get many a times failed at practicing the management skills which are mainly of Planning

Coordination and Executing the project or meeting.

Hence, broadly, these were the two main skills i wished most to be improved upon. I proposed the same set of skills i need to perk up.

My learning an outcomes:

Practice makes it improved and better: this was the basic yet thoughtful most learning i had found from the course which is the most important as far as my black spots on skills are concerned. Hence, for both the skills a continuous practice is needed. Be it a matter of communication or a matter of Project Planning and execution. Specifically, planning and execution skills are more developed through experience.

Be the change to seek the one: Instead of blaming people for chaos and worse management, gradually i found out, by intro and retro- spection, that being an adequate communicative creates most problems where others also get stuck into the mud of mismanagement.

Evaluation of skills

Identifying the gray areas, as instructed by the course coordinator, these skills improvements are immediately put into practice for visible and tangible results. For that matter continuous feedback is kept on taken from the subordinate.

 To achieve all time better results and a transformational positive change, following is the action plan. 

Action plan:

To clear one thing, the action plan is made simple yet cyclic in nature, instead of making it linear. The cyclic form will ensure a continuous improvement, where the process will be double loop instead of being a single loop one time static process.

  • Feedback from the peers and from the superior
  • Challenging own self for the next better level 
  • Be updated with the current trends around 
  • To be well equipped with knowledge 
  • Participation in various events


For the purpose of making this learning dairy, following is the easy most way to make it more referral to the reader.

  • Name:
  • Age: 29
  • Sex: Female
  • Hobbies: Reading, writing
  • Highest Achieved Educational Qualification: Masters in Business Administration
  • Work experience in years: 2 years
  • Currently working at:
  • Position Held: Senior Sales Executive

The performance management criterions were simpler which include the following break ups. These criterions were to be proposed by the candidate only hence, they are flexible enough.

Rate Out of 5 (1 being least, 5 being the top)

Skill to be ratedSelf ratingRate by Peers/ group memberRate by course coordinator
Idea Generator

Performance Measurement after the completion of this current one week project:

Starting from the where i had left the last week, this week was going to be a little tough call to perform the task. This was the week where I had to work in totally unknown and heterogeneous group of people. More, I was asked to execute a project done as per the plan and coordination. I had to do only check the end result and comparing if the end result was achieved or not.

Hence, the entire week long task was divided into two major projects to be undertaken in order to foster my skill areas.

  1. A group project with one of the leading media group:

Duration of the project: 5 days Role and responsibility assigned: A public relation officer

What did it help me: This was the first time to confront to my introvert nature. I was asked to be the PRO in the group where i was supposed to talk my client as well as my team mates who were totally unknown to me. The task was to express the two parties. I was responsible to be the face of expression for both the parties. I found myself the most expressive because of my communication work.

  1. An individual Project:

Duration of the project: 4 days

Role and responsibility: studying a project, pre planning before the project and accomplishment of the project and finding out the loopholes and gaps between planning of the project and execution and end result achieved.

How did it help me: As i had mentioned one of my setbacks was management itself. Studying a project having Planning Coordination and Execution in hand, helped me understanding why projects fail or other way around i.e., what are the essential ingredients for making project well planned and better coordinated.

To evaluate how well I have performed these two assigned projects, the feedback and evaluation sheet has been mailed to all of the concerned people, including a self evaluation sheet.

The past week was a real learning experience as it involved more of a practical work and not only theory. The implementation part was crucial enough for a professional education. However, there needs to be even better and challenging work to be undertaken in order to make learning and project implementation a continuous process.

  1. For the following week, the self set target is to get involved with a real organization and study the actual phenomena of communication for sales and marketing people both with clients as well as within the organization.
  1. Be a guide and assist the junior fellow people of the institute where currently studying

For the above task accomplishment, I need to seek permission from my immediate course coordinator about how to proceed and what could be the key links for this matter. Moreover, it is cent percent essential to take faculty’s point of view into consideration and need to rework of needed. Also Read Competitive Organizations Assignment.

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