Self Management for Managerial Skills

Self Management for Managerial Skills

Leaders or managers are required to manage team and other people working in the organisation and for this they require various competencies. Leaders are required to be self managed then only they are able to manage other people. Personal characteristics of leader or manger play vital role in performing their duties or discharging obligations for what they are hired. In this modern era there are many new concepts had arrived that are required in the business management activities of leaders or managers. Personality and perforce of leaders is essential part of their responsibilities i.e. individual personality of leader will impact their performance in the organisation. Management of emotions at workplace is required by the leaders or managers i.e. self emotions and emotions of team or in other words relationship with team members.

Self-Management for Managerial Skills

First and foremost capability required in leader is of self management or managing yourself. There are various areas or sections in self management that manager or leader is required to manage. Self confidence, self assessment, emotional self awareness, empathy, influence and emotion building are some areas of self management or building competencies in self. Leader shall be capable of managing stress of workplace i.e. he/she shall possess stress management tactics. Another area that influences performance of leader is his / her personality that depicts in their working process. Personality can be define as the behaviour, patter of work, self emotions, thinking process and many other characteristics that individual possess. Attitude, personal motives, personal objectives, values, morals and different traits also included in personality of leader. There are some personality tests that shall be conducted in order to make self assessment by the leader or manager. Some assessments are DISC assessment, Keirsey Temperament Sorter and Harrison Assessment test that leaders can undergo to in order to assess personality test.

Another factor that leader or manager shall manage is of emotions in the workplace. Emotions of individual include perception, attitude, decision making power and behaviour. At many times there are cultural difference and cultural influence that impacts emotions of leaders at workplace. It is possible that sometimes emotions of leader or manager do not match with emotions of team members. Stress management is important factor that shall be managed by the leader or manager in their work. Stress management impacts performance of leaders in both positive and negative manner i.e. if stress is more than optimum level then this will result in distress and when stress is less than optimum level then it is at calm level.

There are some factors that shall be undertaken by them manager or leader in order to manage or reduce stress at workplace. Health, safety and welfare issues shall be managed by the leaders at the workplace so that they are able to concentrate at their performance. Stress results in depiction in quality of work that is required to be done by leaders or managers. Stress limits productive work or it limits the ability of the leader to manage team with more efficiency. Therefore stress shall be managed at workplace.