Restaurant Analysis Report Assignment

Restaurant Analysis Report Assignment


This Restaurant analysis report assignment shall take an initiative to explore the business practices particularly of the menu items of a local restaurant. For this purpose one of the local restaurant named ‘Indian Flavours’ located in Sydney of the Australia has been considered. This particular restaurant has been selected for the study because the cuisines served in this restaurant are favored by many of the Indians who are settled in that city. Hence the subsequent sections of this particular report shall venture into the types of cuisines served by this restaurant and shall also take an attempt to critically evaluate the menu items. The concluding segment shall include an analytical note in terms of understanding the priority and practical business operations of this restaurant along with a brief note of recommendation.

Description of business:

The cited restaurant business of Sydney ‘Indian Flavours’ has been one of the most popular places for eating out located in Sydney. This restaurant was established by an Indian group about twenty decades ago. This restaurant runs as an independent business organization with an Indian owner. This restaurant remains open for all the seven days a week and the opening hours for it are from 8:00 a.m in the morning to 10 p.m at night. Regarding the location of this restaurant it is situated in one of the busiest place of the city. The restaurant being situated near Opera House area of Sydney can be considered as one of the positive point in terms of business profitability. Indian Flavour has no other branches apart operates as a single business organization. Being a regular customer of Indian Flavours it is evident that this restaurant is one of the most favourite dinning destinations for not only the Indian residents but also for the Indian tourists. However the customer crowd of Indian Flavours is found to be cosmopolitan in nature also attracts local Englishmen and women.

Menu analysis:

In every hospitality business a well represented menu card is highly essential in order to acquire competitive advantage in business. The cuisines included within the menu card not only reflect the foods served in a restaurant but also provide background information regarding the overall operational details of the concerned restaurant (Hassanien, Dale and Clarke, 2010). The pricing structure of a restaurant with respect to the foods served can also be obtained through the details provided in the menu card.  Hence it is justified to mention that the inclusions of a menu card significantly contribute to the issues like customer’s satisfaction and customer’s loyalty (Kotschevar and Withrow, 2008). The tasks like menu planning, menu pricing and menu designing are also found be to an inseparable part of restaurant business whereby it influences the positive feedback from the customers (Dipietro, Roseman and Ashley, 2006). Hence formulation of a proper menu card it directly linked with business profitability issue of the restaurant.

Restaurant Analysis Report Assignment

Description of menu:

 The menu card of the Indian Flavour greatly reflected it speciality with respect to Indian cuisines. The menu card was found to comprise of South Indian dishes namely dosa, sambaar, vada etc and also North Indian plates both vegetarian and non vegetarian. Apart from this Indian Flavours also served fish preparation particularly of sea fish. A variety of prawn and salmon preparations were also found within the menu card. Focussing on the vegetarian section it is evident that apart from the typical Indian vegetarian dishes no other items were available. Looking into the snack and light food section of the menu card it as observed that apart from the regular sandwiches and other commonly served snacks preparation ‘fish and chips,’ crispy chicken were also served in this restaurant. Looking into the beverage section it was evident that this restaurant apart from serving regular tea and coffee also serves green tea and cold coffee preparations to its customers however regular dessert items were also included within the menu card of Indian Flavours.

Discussion and evaluation of the menu:

An insight into the details of the menu card of Indian Flavours represented a wide versatility offering different type of Indian cuisines. South Indian, North India, and other traditional Indian palatable dishes were found to be a part of the menu card. But it was observed the items included in the menu card were randomly placed. Hence proper organization of the menu card was found to be lacking. There was no separate column for South Indian food items, North Indian Food items and so on. All the cuisines were kept under the same column titled ‘Indian cuisines.’ But considering the quality standard of the food served in this restaurant, Indian Flavour has not done any compromise. The cuisines were well served maintaining the appropriate dining etiquettes. Focussing on the items that were found to be included within the menu card it was observed that snack, lunch and dinner items was included. Also the menu card was found to comprise of beverages and soft drinks although hard drinks were not included within the menu. The prices of the menu items being within an affordable range added to the competitive advantage of this restaurant.


To conclude it is justified to mention that Indian Flavour being an independent restaurant organization has emphasized to keep the essence of its name through the cuisines served. Although a significant portion of its customers are Indian or Asian by origin, the restaurant was found to be successful in attracting a large number of non Indians. Therefore the main purpose of this analytical study was to find out the contribution of menu card and the items included in business profitability of the concerned organization whereby it can be inferred that Indian Flavours was efficiently capable of merging the flavours of Indian cuisines in this foreign land.


It can be recommended that it is be beneficial for the business of the above mentioned restaurant to add some local English cuisines apart from its special food items in order to attract the local and native English residents of the area. It is also suggested that the restaurant as specialized in serving Indian palatable dishes should also include certain Asian menu items. In order to attract the consumers it is effective to serve food to its customer in a unique ambience. Since the restaurant serve mainly Indian cuisines it is recommended that the restaurant business management may play some India soothing music to create an Indian atmosphere. The restaurant administration may also work on designing separate units or sitting arrangements based on the type of dish ordered. For example the customers who prefer to order Indian menu items can be welcomed to take their seat in the cubicle decorated in Indian culture. Since the vegetarian dishes serve by this restaurant was not different from the other Indian restaurants of the city it is recommended that Indian Flavours may also include some sea algae preparations in order to bring little uniqueness in the menu card. As the above mentioned restaurant served no hard drinks to its customer it is recommended that the concerned hospitality organization may invest to open a separate bar unit. This approach shall not only attract the family oriented customers but also shall become a place of choice for the people who are regular visitor to bar. However the licensing issues and other social parameters should be considered proper opening a separate bar unit.


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