Redevelopment Project Assignment

Redevelopment Project Assignment


In this redevelopment project assignment of the Westfield shopping centre (Australia) will be discussed along with the discussion of the organisational structure of the parent company (Westfield Corporation). The influence of the organisational structure of the parent company on the project management is analysed. The project management principles are highlighted in the study making an appropriate mechanism for the performance of the organization.


The project chosen is about the redevelopment of shopping centres in Westfield (Australia) which is in its stage of development and the redevelopment of the shopping centres will create new opportunities in the market for the participants of the shopping centres. (, 2016)

The redevelopment plan will make the shopping centres at Westfield complex into the most happening place for the fashion, entertainment, shopping, etc. The community will be served by these new developments and facilities.

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Best fit - Project

A project can be defined as a set of different activities which are undertaken to achieve a particular aim within limited time and costs. The project of redevelopment at Westfield complex fit the theoretical definition of project as it is done by undertaking many activities for the redevelopment which will take place within a limited time period and a limited cost involved and the main aim of redevelopment is to make it more attractive for the visitors. (Roudias, 2015)


The parent organisation is the Westfield Corporation which gives life to the developments at Westfield. The organisational structure of Westfield Corporation is Divisional structure where different divisions are made within an organisation on the basis of different functions or geographical locations and the project of the redevelopment of the Westfield’s shopping centres is been carried out under the parent organisation, Westfield Corporation. The structure of Westfield Design and Construction is divisional as it is influenced by the parent organisation. (Roudias, 2015)

[caption id="attachment_5633" align="aligncenter" width="403"]Divisional-structure-at-Westfield Divisional structure at Westfield[/caption]

Issues and Challenges

The above discussed organisational structure of Westfield Corporation creates some challenges and issues for the redevelopment project at Westfield shopping centres:

  • Different units at different places involve a lot of cost.
  • The project is handled by a single unit but all the permission and authority is given by the main centre of the corporation.
  • It is a challenge to maintain all the retail shopping complexes of Westfield so that they can be attractive and alluring.
  • The main challenge is to locate the centres at a place which is accessible to the consumers.
  • It is not easy to maintain the coordination between all the divisions of the organisation.(Frankk, 2012)

Conception Execution framework

Project Development Life cycle refers to the pathway of the project from the start till the end which includes many phases in this cycle. The project life Cycle of the redevelopment of the shopping centres at Westfield Australia is given below:

Conception Phase: Here, the charter is been prepared for determining the development need in the shopping centres at Westfield, Australia.

Definition Phase: Here the planning has been done for the redevelopment of shopping centre at Westfield along with goal setting and fixation of budgets. (PATHAK, 2014)

Programming Phase: Lot of programs are been discussed at this stage which are to be used in the further development of the project. Also, the technologies and other resources needed for the project will be discussed in this stage.

Implementation phase: In this phase, the programmes and activities will be implemented as per the plans made in the previous phase. Also, the project is monitored to measure the performance of the project whether it is going on the right track or not. (Roudias, 2015)

Termination Phase: This is the last phase of the project where the project is ended and closed. It includes delivery of project, relieving resources, formal closure on the project.

[caption id="attachment_5634" align="aligncenter" width="403"]Redevelopment project assignment Life Cycle  Project Life Cycle[/caption]


It can be concluded from the assignment that organisational structure of Westfield Corporation is divisional structure which influences the management of redevelopment project at Westfield shopping centres (Australia), lot of issues and challenges are to be faced by the Westfield Design and Construction because of the divisional structure of the parent company. Also, the lifecycle of the project is considered from the conception phase to the execution phase.

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