Recruitment Process Assignment

Recruitment Process Assignment

This Recruitment Process Assignment is given in the subject of human resource management of the diploma of business and management. This assignment help answers questions about recruit, select and induct staff. With this Assignment help scholar able to understand the standard procedure of manage recruitment and selection procedure.  

Assessment 1 (A)

What do you think are the reasons for the restaurant’s decline in popularity amongst customers?

The restaurant’s decline in popularity amongst customers is due to unsatisfied customers which are because of poor human resource policies. Some of them being:

  1. Complains of clients of poor service
  2. Non competence at cooking as a result -tasteless food
  3. No quality of work as result- dirty plates

What do you think about Mr. X as an employer? Would you like to work for him?   Why or why not?

Mr. X, as an employer seems to have ignored the importance of the human resource management.  With the current work culture, I would not prefer working for him. Some of the reasons being:

  • Low wages
  • long working hours
  • Lack of job security
  • No scope of professional growth
  • Lack of appreciation or any source of encouragement

What are some of the mistakes that Mr. X has made?     

Some of the mistakes that Mr. X made are:

  1. Wrong criterion for choosing the professionals
  2. Ignorance of quality service
  3. Did not give any importance to proper training
  4. Too much emphasis on lowering the cost
  5. Unable to provide proper job security

What advice can you give Mr. X in terms of human resource management?

If given a chance, I would try to make Mr. X understand the importance of Human resource management. It’s important to understand that for an organization to run successfully, it should have a good team of professionals.

This becomes exponentially grave when it comes to service industry, where it’s the employees and their services that lure the customers.

If the work forces are wrongly chosen or feels ignored, the services they deliver will never be up to mark. Hence, I would advise him to reconsider the Human Resource policies.

Assessment 1 (B)

  1. What are some of the STRENGTHS of Yummy Restaurant in terms of human resources?

Strengths of yummy resorts in terms of human resource are:

  1. As it was very popular restaurant, so Mr. X could leverage the position to attract experienced and well trained professionals.
  2. X, being a famous Chef from ABC country could also use his contacts to get in touch with right people to expand his business in a right way.

What are some of the WEAKNESSES of Yummy Restaurant in terms of human resources?

Its major point of weakness was poor human resource policy.

  1. Restaurant business, being service centered, depends primarily on its workforce. In this case, the workforce was not highly competent nor did they find any enthusiasm to work for Mr. X.
  2. The workforce did not have any sense of job security.
  3. The employees did not get proper training.
  4. The people felt ignored and not properly paid. They did not feel motivated.

Write a list of OPPORTUNITIES for Yummy Restaurant? (What can they do to improve their HR practices?)

Opportunities for yummy resorts are the awareness among people and increasing popularity of the resort. The organization should introduce a better procedure for selection, recruitment, proper reward and appreciation policies. It should also provide training facilities and should encourage the staff to participate in feedback.

What THREATS does Mr. X face in terms of his recruitment, selection and induction practices?

Threats that Mr. X faces in terms of his recruitment, selection and induction practices are other resorts having better, well trained and experienced workforce.

Based on the strategic and operational plans of Yummy Restaurant, determine the human resource requirements for the restaurant?

Based on the strategic and operational plans of Yummy Restaurant, the human resource requirements for the restaurant could be:

  1. Ready for initial couple of weeks training
  2. Preferred relevant experienced professionals
  3. Preferred staff with more flexibility of time

What are some of the key human resource functions within any organisation, including Yummy Restaurant?

Key human resource functions are:

  1. Recruitment and Selection
  2. Training, Induction and Development
  3. Compensation and Benefits
  4. Addressing compliance issues

Write down a list of documents that Yummy Restaurant should have in place to manage their recruitment and selection process.

A list of documents that Yummy Restaurant should have in place to manage their recruitment and selection process is:

  1. CV of the candidates (Resume or cover letter optional)
  2. If experienced, documents regarding prior employment
  3. Photo identification
  4. Interview analysis of the candidates

What are the stages in a human resource life cycle? Where does recruitment fit within that cycle?

There are 4 stages in Human resource life cycle-

  1. Recruiting and on boarding
  2. Orientation and career planning
  3. Career Development
  4. Termination or transition

         Recruitment comes in the first stage of human resource life cycle.

Who would you consult with to determine the HR needs of the restaurant?

I would focus on the customers’ expectations to determine the HR needs of the restaurant.

What are the options that Mr. X can put in place for the delivery of human resource services?

  • Training
  • Hiring right people for right job
  • Motivating the work staff

Briefly explain the concept of ‘outsourcing’ in human resource management.

Outsourcing, in context of human resource management is a strategic move taken to provide better quality and flexibility of the workforce, in the process, stay ahead and meet the demands of the clients in a more economical way.

Design an organisational structure with brief roles and responsibilities of each staff member/ contractors for Yummy restaurant? Who would you consult with during the planning and implementation stages?

  1. a) Design organisational structure for Yummy Restaurant below:

b)  Explain in detailed steps how you would implement a coordinate approach to HR services at Yummy Restaurant?

  • Training
  • Hiring right people for right job
  • Motivating the work staff
  1. c) How would you evaluate the delivery of human resource services within Yummy Restaurant after you had put in your HR plan?
  • Regular quality checks
  • Surprise inspections
  • Performance appraisal and
  • 360 degree feedback

Assessment 2 (A)

  1. Title of the policy:
Approving Authority: Management
Date:  1/1/14
Document No: 363
Review Date: 1/3/14
Policy Adviser: Mr. X
  1. Purpose of the policy
  • To recruit and train Assistant Manager for Yummy Restaurant

2. Description of the policy

To hire an assistant manager with relevant experience and expertise to improve the productivity of the restaurant.

3. Scope of the policy

  • To find the most competent person that can steer the restaurant in the right direction and improve sales.

4. Basic principles that will be followed by the organisation to recruit and select staff

  • Unbiased selection
  • Professionalism to be given highest importance
  • Select the candidate that is best for the business.

5. Key legislative/ regulatory frameworks that govern the HR policy

  • Conflict of Interest
  • Code of Conduct
  • Professionalism

6. Procedures that will be used to recruit and select staff

  • Screen test
  • Skill Test
  • Direct Interview

Assessment 2 (b)

  1. Identify a position that you want to fill at Yummy Restaurant

Assistant Manager

  1. What are the different selection techniques you can use to identify a suitable candidate? Explain the steps that you would use to select a candidate using any TWO selected techniques (100 words). 

The different selection techniques use is:

  • Screen Test: We will screen various candidates by giving them situations and gauge their reactions
  • Direct Interview: Interview with the panel so determine if the candidate is worthy of the job.
  1. Explain what you understand by skills testing.  What is psychometric testing?  (50 words)

Skills testing is determine whether the candidate have the skills to perform the job properly. Psychometric testing helps in determining the mental health of the applicant and is he suitable for the stress of the job.

  1. Find sample position descriptions for a similar position
  2. Go to Type in the following words in the search field:

Examples:        sample position description cook

                        Sample position description assistant manager

                        Sample position description receptionist

                        Sample position description wait staff

    1.  Copy and paste at least TWO sample position descriptions below:
  • Inspect food preparation and serving areas to ensure observance of safe, sanitary food-handling practices.
  • Turn or stir foods to ensure even cooking.
    1. SAMPLE POSITION DESCRIPTION Receptionist (Copy and paste below)
  • Welcomes visitors by greeting them, in person or on the telephone; answering or referring inquiries.
  • Directs visitors by maintaining employee and department directories; giving instructions.
  1. Using the above position descriptions as a guide, develop a position description for the position you want to fill on behalf of Yummy Restaurant. Make sure you complete all the sections below

Position Summary: Assistant Manager

Selection Criteria: Experience & Skill


  • Quick thinker and can handle tough situation
  • Leadership qualities and motivating staff
  • Proficient in day to day activities of a restaurant


  • Friendly and Relatable

Special Requirements

  • Proactive and Far sighted in policy making
  • Can handle stress

Key Duties

  • Motivating staff and work force.
  • Supervising the day to day activities.
  • Maintaining the finances of the restaurant.

Salary offered: AUD 600 per week.

Assessment 2 (c)

Complete the following exercises that demonstrate your ability to apply the Yummy Restaurant Recruitment and Selection Policy and Procedures in practice.

  1. Identify a position that you want to advertise

Assistant Manager

2. Develop an advertisement for the position you want to advertise on on behalf of Yummy Restaurant. Use the headings below to develop your advertisement

About the job

Position titleAssistant Manager
Salary rangeAUD 600 per week
Full time/part-timeFull time
LocationFortitude Valley, Queensland

The company

Highlight the industryRestaurant

The job responsibilities

Skills and knowledge specific to the jobQuick thinker and can handle tough situation Leadership qualities and motivating staff

The person

Essential qualificationsProficient in day to day activities of a restaurant Managing and motivating work staff.
Previous experience3-5 years in the same industry.
Particular behavioursFriendly and Relatable Hard working

Closing Statement

Details on how to apply and closing date.You can mail your resume at Closing date 1/26/14

Assessment 3 (a)

  1. Using the position you advertised in the previous assessment, develop a procedure and a set of questions in preparation for the interview process. You must write down at least 7-8 questions.

Closed questions (to gather specific information):

  • What is your educational Qualification?
  • What amount of experience you have in Restaurant Business

Open-ended questions (to gain a better understanding of the applicant’s attitudes/ personality):

  •  What are according to you are the major aspects of customer service in a Restaurant Business?
  • What is your understanding of Customer Satisfaction?
  • What qualities according to you are important to be successful in restaurant business?

Behavioral questions (to gain a better understanding of the applicant’s behaviour in specific situations):

  • How will you react when a customer complains about your service? How do you intent to deal with it?
  • What kind of impression you would want to make to a customer who visits you for the first time?
  • What makes you a better person for this job?
  1. Draft a brief email to invite shortlisted candidates for an interview (100 words)

Sub: Invitation for Interview

Dear Applicants,

Congratulations on clearing first hurdle.

I would like to inform you that you have passed initial screening and selected for the next and important stage of process which is Personal Interview. You will be assessed on various aspects of knowledge, understanding and approach towards the job. Interview biases i.e. it will be held in two sections which will be informed to you on the day of Interview.

You Interview will be on 4th April at 11 A.M. on first floor of our Head Office.

Good Luck and come prepared.

Thanks and Regards,


(Recruitment In charge)

Yummy Restaurant

Plan and develop tools for the selection panel.


Interview record form

  1.  You will be asked to role-play an interview selection process in class. If you are unable to attend the role-pay in class, you would need to conduct a telephone interview with you as the interviewer and your trainer as the interviewee.  (This will be part of your oral interview at the end of your course)
  2. Write a letter advising a candidate who has not been successful in getting the job. (100 words)


Dear Applicant,

This mail is to inform you that you have not been selected for the Job at Yummy Restaurant. You could not meet the criteria for the job. In future if we have any vacancy matching your qualities, will inform you.

Thank you for your interest in our Company.


Recruitment In charge

Yummy Restaurants

b.)  Develop a contract of employment for the candidate who has been successful in getting the job.   Make sure you include all the key points, including position, key responsibilities, hours of duty, salary and entitlements, leave etc (200-300 words)


Dear Candidate,

Congratulations on securing a job at Yummy Restaurants. For are the details of you employment. Please read carefully and acknowledge the Offer.

You have been assigned the Job of "Assistant Manager". Your key responsibilities will include handling customer complaints and solving them. You will be a channel of communication between top management and ground level staff. You will have to work from 11 A.M. to 10 P.M. which are our office hours.

Your Annual Gross Compensation will be 31,200 AUD and will be subject to statutory and other deductions as per Employer Policies. You will also receive additional benefits as per firm policies.

You are entitled to take 2 leaves per month which will make 24 per year along with firm holidays. On exceeding the limit you salary will be deducted as per company Policies. Congratulation once again and welcome on-board.

For Yummy Restaurants,

Mr. X

  1. Answer the following questions (50 words each)
  2. What are some of the things a selection panel can do to improve the selection process?
  • Transparency In Process
  • Highlighting the Most important criteria of selection
  • Following standard procedures

Write down 3 new things you have learnt about the interview process

First impression is not last impression

  • For Eligible candidates the criteria can be altered
  • Standards should not be altered

Using your knowledge of the recruitment and selection process, write down at least 5 things you will do to prepare well for any future interviews

  • Complete study about the organisation
  • Polish my communication skills
  • Not to by Heart any common questions/answers
  • Home work to impress panel at first go
  • Prepare myself mentally to take difficult questions


Write down 5 questions you should NEVER ask a candidate at an interview?

  • Confidential Information about previous company?
  • What is your Religion?
  • What Race do you belong?
  • What is you sexual orientation?
  • Why were you fired from your previous Job?

Assessment 3 (B)

  1. What documentation will you need to make the appropriate administrative arrangements for pay and employee record keeping for a new employee? (50 words)

Employee Basic info including his educational experience and previous job

  • Employment Letter
  • Applicable Pay slip
  • Leave detail
  1. Develop a Staff Induction Checklist for Yummy Restaurant. (250 words)
  • Introduction
  • Location details
  • Health and safety regulations
  • Equal Opportunities/Diversity
  • Key Policies and procedures
  • Job Role
  • Job Responsibilities
  • Additional Employment details

Answer the questions below in dot points (50-100 words each):

    1. List the people you would need to train in delivering the induction program at Yummy Restaurant
  • Key Managers
  • Induction in charge
  • Speakers at the program
    1. Explain how you will provide the induction training to the key managers?
  • By Communicating induction objective
  • Delivering information
  • Formulating guidelines for induction
  • Providing scope of the program
    1. How will you get feedback from new staff that has just been through an induction program?
  • Selecting area which require feedback
  • By providing feedback forms after sessions
  • Asking for Areas of improvement for overall program
    1. Imagine that based on the ‘Induction Checklist’ and ‘Human Resource Manual’ that you have developed, Mr. X provides induction to a new employee at Yummy Restaurant.  The new employee says that they have understood everything, but they really have not understood anything about the “Fire Safety Policy’ or the “Health and Safety requirements”.  One day there is a fire at Yummy Restaurant and the employee does not vacate the premises as per the guidelines. He put himself and another customer at risk because je locks the door from inside instead of evacuating the building.  When asked why he did not follow the company policy, he says he did not understand the policy even though Mr X had completed the induction program with him.  He says that the ‘Human Resource manual’ was too difficult to understand as the language was too complex.  How will you rectify the gaps in the induction program?

For the current situation the mistake is on both sides. It was Mr. X's job to make the new people understand the policies and it's also New Joiners' job to Understand things and if not understood raise the issue. Most important task should be to make Human Resource manual Easy to understand so that people can refer to it when required. Once it is done it will also be easy for Mr. X to make people understand.  In Addition to that for all important areas in induction program such as security and safety matters we should conduct a quick test to make sure if people have understood the matter or not. And also once the induction in complete we can run an demo to see how people react to Fire safety situations where everything will be followed as if there is real emergency, by this way we will understand the success of induction sessions.