Project Planning Assignment

Project Planning Assignment

This is solution of Project planning assignment involves three tasks whose answer checks the thinking and planning capability of student.

Task 1: Project Management Exercise

Aim :

The aim of this project is to find and recruit a suitable employee to work as an assistant for Zonal Marketing Manager of the firm ABCD Ltd.


The objectives of the project can be laid in following terms:

  1. Attract a good number of applications against the available job vacancy.
  2. Initiate and complete the recruitment process.
  3. Recruit the candidate and integrate him in the system.
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Project Information

This project will be a focused project with a great emphasis on the requirements of the Zonal Marketing Manager and also how the person will be able to adopt the lifestyle at the firm ABCD Ltd. The recruited candidate should be able to assist the manager in an efficient manner. The job will be a demanding one and hence this entire project needs to be carried out carefully and without errors. The project needs to be completed within 2 months time.

Project Plan

The project will be completed in the following stages:

Stage 1: Analyzing the requirements of the manager (2 days): In this stage, the manager himself will be asked for his expectations from his/her assistant and then a detailed analysis of the job of the assistant will be done.

Stage 2: Advertising the job vacancy (6 weeks): In this stage, an advertisement of the job vacancy will be given in the leading newspapers and job portals all around the country. The advertisement will be carried out extensively so as to attract a good number of quality candidates for the post. Details of job and expected pays and perks will be mentioned in the advertisement.

Stage 3: Screening the applications (2 weeks): At this stage, screening of the received applications will be done. Applicants with relevant profile will be called for further recruitment process.

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Stage 4: Writing and typewriting test (3 days): The selected candidates will be called up for writing and typing test as an assistant would be expected to be good at these skills.

Stage 5: Personal interview (2 days): The selected candidates from the previous test will be called up for an interview with the manager himself along with an HR person.

Stage 6: Confirmation of the recruitment will be done to the selected candidate in this stage. This will be the last stage. (1 day)

Gantt chart

 Time (in weeks)
2  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>   
3        >>>>>>>>>> 
4          >>> 
5                   >>
6            >


A total of $11,320 will be required for the project, the break-up of which is given below.

StageBudgetCost source
Analyzing the requirement$100Compensation towards one person.
Advertisement$5000Advertising budget.
Application screening$200Compensation towards 2 people.
Writing and typing test$5000Cost of renting the machine, place, other required items and the coordinating person.
Personal interview$1000Compensation towards interview panel members.
Confirmation$20Cost of offer design and courier.

The cost of the project may vary in a range of 5% depending on the number of candidates applied and interviewed. The project is expected to be able to let the firm successfully recruit as assistant within the stipulated timeframe.

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Task 2: Student’s Busy Life

Time Management becomes very crucial with the growth in our age and also with the increase in our roles and responsibilities. It is very important to balance our personal life with the professional life but it becomes increasingly difficult to be able to balance both of them and to be able to deliver the required output.


The aim of this exercise is to come up with a possible solution of scheduling wherein the student can balance both his professional and his personal life. A lose of one will not be able to compensate for the other. So, becomes very crucial to perform on both the fronts.


The main objectives that the student should look at are meeting the expectations of both the professional and personal life and to be able to deliver at both the places.


The scope of the exercise will include the identification of the important activities of the student for the day and finally to prepare an activity chart for the same.


The student should carry out all those activities which are crucial and important to him. These activities will include both the professional and the personal activities. The following major activities are identified for the student:

  • Submission of Assignment
  • Attending the morning lecture
  • Attending the meeting with the Student Union
  • Attending the afternoon lecture
  • Meeting friend for having food
  • Going for the movie with his friend.


The simple rationale behind the identification of activities was to find out from the set of all activities, those which are feasible and viable given the constraints. The constraints include time of activity, knowledge of location, time required to travel to the place of activity and a desirable balance between professional and personal life. The decision about choice of activity from a basket of activities has to be taken under the considerations and it can vary from individual to individual.

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The table below shows the activities that the individual should carry out during the day:

8:45 AMLeave Home for CollegeTake a bus to Birmingham City Centre. Then take a train to Coventry
9:30 AMSubmission of AssignmentSubmit the assignment in time
9:30 AM to 11:30 AMAttending Lecture 
11:30 AM to 12:30 PMFree timeHe can have food, or can use this time anywhere he wishes to
12:30 AM to 1:30 PMMeeting with Student Union 
2:00 PM to 4:00 PMAttending Lecture 
5 PMMeeting with a friend 
7 PMMovie with a friend 

The student has to cancel the interview today as he cannot reach the location at the stipulated time since he has a lecture right before the interview. He will get 15 minutes to reach at the interview location and it is not possible to reach that place in the available time as the student is unaware of the geographies of that particular area and he has never been there before. He will have to re-schedule the interview to some other day.

Task 3: What our clothing says about us?

The most noticeable change that has happened to human beings since the days of their evolution from monkeys has been the cover they have got around them. First, it was the fur that nature provided them, now it is the clothes. Though, in different parts of world, people have adopted different types and different level of clothing; nevertheless, it has become quite an important indication and mark of civilization all around the world.

The French would be known for their long “gowns”, while the Indians are famous for their “Saris”, the Africans for their natural clothes while in some other part of the world a hat would be the symbol of grace and chivalry. It is not that it is only the civilization and the cultural aspects which is flaunted by the clothes one wears, rather it also the reflection of an individual’s personality.

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Whenever, you meet a person for the first time, it is your clothes and the face that is noticed first by other person. Though, it is said that one must not judge a book by its cover, glossy covers do grab people’s attention and draw to them. The same way our clothes are much like our packaging. The better do we package ourselves, the better are the chances to leave a positive impression in front of the others. It is something like showing a major facet of yours. Though, it takes more than just the clothes to judge a person, nevertheless, it aids people in forming their opinion about someone (Handford, ER., 1976). Your clothing definitely gives someone a fair idea about your personality. If you are dressed well for an occasion, it gives an idea about how serious are you for the particular occasion. It reflects the sincere aspect of your personality.

Whereas neat and tidy clothes give an impression that you are a person who likes to keep things organized and among those who talk fair and straight; it is also the colors which reveal significantly about your preferences, your mood and your nature. For example, yellow is considered to be quite an energetic color, as is orange. People wearing blue give an image of being conservative while violet is a symbol for inspiration. (Dagmara Dobrotova, 2010)

Not only this, most of the times what you wear and how well you carry your dress gives a fair idea about who actually you are. It is no surprise that while attending an interview most of the people choose to wear formal dresses. In other words, we can say that what you are wearing is your signal to the world. Unsaid and unexpressed, but usually it is quite loud and clear. It is not that it is your clothing which determines whether you will succeed or not in an interview, but it definitely can make or mar your chances. Hence, it is always good to play safe and dress appropriately for any occasion, as you must remember that it is how you are presenting yourself to the world!

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