Newspaper Marketing Research Assignment

Newspaper Marketing Research Assignment

This is a solution of newspaper marketing research assignment in which we discuss, developing newspaper marketing Can help your company cope with aging system and limited resources that can lead to fragmented marketing research.


The Newspaper market and E-Marketing in has declined in UK in past two years. The Major factor which has contributed in decline of newspaper market in UK is the recession due to which the revenue generated for the newspaper owners have reduced drastically due to reduction in advertisement cost cut down by the firms. The Trend of newspaper is declining very rapidly while access of news through online channel among the consumers in UK is growing rapidly. In last five years the circulation of the newspaper has declined by 19.3% in UK while the trend of online news channel has grown up by 97.8% in the same period of time (Mintel, 2009).

Also with the change in number of readers for the newspaper in UK marketing planning the trend of news reading is also changing. As the popular titles like tabloid have reduced very less number of readers while these title tend to have the less number of reader in future as well. At the same time the quality titles of the newspapers have lost large number of readers but in future they will tend to have larger number of readers.

The Major issue for the news industry is that how to monetise the growing online news reader audience. Readers would like to read the online news for free. According to (Mintel, 2010) research shows that only 2 customers out of 5 would like to pay for the online news accessed by them. Hence the conversions of newspaper customers into online news readers are not yielding any kind of revenue for the media players.

The Research carried on the newspaper buying habit of the customer shows that teenager between age limit of 16 to 19 years would like to buy a local newspaper for once a week.  But as teenagers grow to age of 20 this habit of buying the newspaper falls rapidly (Keynote, 2009).  The Penetration rate for newspaper reading among the consumer group of age 30 to 50 years also have gone down in UK as penetration has reached to a level of 54% at present after touching the highest penetration rate of 67% among this age group.(See more about : Marketing Essay Assignment)

Also the trend for reading newspaper has changed in the way of reading the local of national newspaper as the preference for buying the national newspaper among the adult customers have reduced from 42% in year to 36% in year 2010 (Keynote, 2011).


The Research design used for carrying out the research would be through collection of primary data research carried by the way of in depth interviews. So for collecting the data regarding the consumption of news through newspaper and online channels two in depth interviews were conducted with the information imparted by the respondents were as follows:


The First respondent was 21 years old female student and the views of the respondent were in favour of the online reading of the news and other information. Respondent said that it is easier to read news online. Respondent further said that elder people still use newspaper while younger generation prefers online news reading. And according to them is much convient to access information through internet. But reading online news is more difficult then newspaper. The Comfort level of the young respondent can be accessed from the fact that the respondent has not bought the newspaper in last three months.

Also respondent argued that customers having internet availability use online news more due to easy availability. Respondent admit the argument that the online media is stopping the consumers to read newspaper. Respondent also highlighted the fact that the newspapers make an impact on the choice of a customer while buying any good through advertising.


The Second respondent for carrying out interview was 23 years old female student. Respondent prefers reading news via online channel since she thinks that it saves time for her. Also she argued that reading online news will affect sales of newspaper as online news appeals to mass audience. Also she argued that online content is more updated as it is easier to upload the content through internet. And respondent said that it is comfortable and clearer to read online news. The Frequency of reading online news is more than the newspaper for the respondent. Respondent said people having internet use more online news, further respondent added that online news is affecting the trend of newspaper.


  • Respondent coding
  • Student-1, Professional-2
  • Gender Male-1, Female-2
  • Origin British-1, Others-2

From the two interviews conducted in order to collect the information about the comparison of online news reading and newspaper reading and impact of online media on the trend of newspaper media. Both the respondents have categorised the online news reading as the beneficial for the readers and have given various reasons as their benefits such as time saving, comfortable and updated etc.

Also both the respondents have highlighted the impact of online news media on the newspaper readers. And according to both the readers there would be negative impact and readers with internet connection would prefer reading online news as compared to the newspaper due to some of the above mentioned benefits. First customer showed the importance of newspaper advertisement in affecting the choice of customers for buying the particular goods.

According to both the customers online news channel is more accessible to large audience since the circulation newspaper is not on that bigger scale but internet has a very good penetration rate and hence appeals to larger audience in comparison to the audience appealed by the newspaper.  Also both the respondents have shown the same kind of response for the question related with the advertisement given in the newspaper. Both the respondents says that they do not like to read advertisement in the newspaper but many a times they come across many advertisement which they find interesting and such advertisement also affect their choice of brand for buying that particular good.

Some of the major findings of the primary data collected in the research were as follows:

  • Respondents in younger age like to read news through online media and their frequency for reading the news is also not very high. The Respondents which were selected was from the younger segment of the age hence the preference is more for the online reading of the news.
  • Younger customers find it highly convient and time saving for reading the news online in comparison to reading the news through the use of newspaper. Since younger customers use internet facility more than the elder customers hence younger people are more confident and well aware of the online content availability due to which it is easier for them to read the news online.
  • The Reasons for preferring the online version of the media over the print media are: comfortable, updated news and time saving for the customers. Customers find it much comfortable to find the news online and reading in comparison to bringing and reading newspaper.
  • Newspaper contains lot of advertisement but the readers do not read the newspaper for reading the newspaper but for reading the news. But respondents have admitted that due to various advertisements which we came through in newspaper sometime affect the choice or preferences of the readers as well.
  • The Frequency of reading the news and newspaper is also very low among the younger customers as they get the information through various resources of knowledge.
  • The Customers who are having the internet connection more readily get into the use of online news reading as compared to the people who do not have the internet connection. Since the accessibility and availability of the information are two major issues in the information access.
  • Customers have agreed upon the point that the online news media have impacted the newspaper industry as the printing of newspaper has reduced drastically over the last few years. Hence now the news industry needs to monetise their system so that they can get the revenue by proving the content to the users.

From the above research it has been revealed that online news media definitely is affecting the print media sales. The Impact on print media sales in more in the younger working customers in comparison to the impact among the customers in age more than 30 years since they still prefer to read the newspaper. The Online news reading habit is developing among the customer since it is appealed to much larger proportion of the total customer share group. Other benefits of the online news reading would be saving the time which we waste in reading the newspaper, comfortable level which customers get in operating the online news as compared to the newspaper.

Also people having the internet connection are more willing to shift their newspaper reading habit to online news reading habits since accessibility is more in case of such customers.(Read  more about : Marketing Plan for Business Extension Assignment) 


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