Monash University Assignment Help

Monash University Assignment Help

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Monash University founded in 1958 and crowned as the second oldest university of the State of the Victoria. It is situated in Melbourne, Australia. This university got its name after the very influential general Sir John Monash. It also holds the record of the first university getting its name after a person. Usually, the universities were named after any state or city etc. getting into this university is considered to be very tough for the students. Monash University has a very high ranking within Australia.

It has a number of campuses all over Australia and in some other countries like Malaysia, India, China, and South Africa. It gets the highest number of applicants in the State of Victoria. The students of the Monash University are represented by Monash Student Association. It also houses a large number of research facilities.

Courses Offered by Monash University

UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS : - Monash offers a wide range of courses in diverse fields. It provides bachelor degree in Aerospace Engineering, management accounting and Finance, Arts, Law, Economics Advanced with Honours, Physiotherapy, Radiology and Medical Imaging, etc. it also offers graduate diploma in Occupational and Environmental health, and Certificate in Occupational health.

POST-GRADUATE PROGRAMS : - It has PG courses in domains like Master of Philosophy, Master of Advanced engineering, master of Design, Master of Interaction Design, Master of Business, Master of Business Law, Master of Commercial law, Master of social work, Master of Advanced Nursing, Master of Occupational and Environmental Health, Master of Professional Accounting.

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