Marketing Ideas assignment

Marketing Ideas assignment

This is a solution of marketing ideas assignment in which we discuss about marketing ideas used by marketers, types of sales channel they use, how CRM is help full to marketing team.


Marketers use various sales channel for selling goods to customer and these sales channels defined the level of customer relationship marketer will have with the customer. Since depending upon the kind of relationship the sales channel used by the marketer will also vary. As the customer with higher lifetime value will be served by marketer with more interactive sales channel in comparison to the customer with lower customer lifetime value.

The Sales channel used by the marketers decides the importance level of the customer for the marketer and hence the profitability of the customer. Hence according to the sales channel used by the marketer Customer Relationship Management of the marketer also gets affected. Marketers use various sales channel such as personal selling, web marketing and channel marketing etc. In order to explain the impact of sales strategy on the CRM we take example of personal selling and internet marketing as follows:

  • Personal selling: Personal selling is used by marketers when the selling good has high value and profitability coming out of the good is also higher. Hence the customer to whom the particular good is sold is also of higher importance. Decision taking criteria for the customer differs in case of personal selling as well. Mainly personal selling is involved in case of the business to business selling. Hence marketers try to develop higher level of importance to customer service by engaging himself more and showing better level of commitment. Hence interaction level with the customer gets increase in case of the personal selling process.

There are lot of phases involved in the personal selling process. The Personal selling process starts with the profiling of the customer. First of all marketers starts the profiling of the customer and find out their potential customer and analyse their needs and depending upon that they start following up the customer. In the next phase sales manager take appointment with the customer and give them presentations. After that quotation is provided and negotiation is carried out between the two parties. Hence at each level of the process there is lot of interaction involved in the process. Hence the relationship made in the personal selling is for the longer period of time. The Customer loyalty in case of the personal selling is also higher since there is lot of cost involved in switching the supplier. Hence customer here buys the goods from supplier not only because of the certain benefits but also for the level of relationship developed between the two.

  • Digital Marketing:Digital Marketing is the marketing which is done with the help of various internet tools. The Various tools used by the marketers are with the help of mails, website and by providing various offers and discounts for the customers. This sales channel does not involve good customer-seller relationship as there is no physical interaction involved in the selling process. Hence the relationship level between seller and customer is not of that level as it was in the case of the personal selling. Hence customer buy from a particular seller nit because of the good relationship developed by the marketer but because of the benefit provided by marketer to customer who is in form of any price discount or any other form. And till the time that benefit is there for the customer, it remains with the particular seller and customer changes the seller when that benefit is not there. Hence very less amount of customer loyalty is present in case of the internet marketing and customer keep on switching the supplier.     

There is minimum level of interaction involved and customer also do not give due importance to such sales channel as there are lot of such sales mails received by the customer. Hence the minimum customer involvement is there and customer conversion is less.

Example of the IT enabled selling practices:

The classical practice which involves IT for selling is of The company sells all its product line through online bidding. Instead of setting up the physical distribution channel, the entire selling process is an automated.

Another example is of online purchase of garments. The most popular site for that matter is where the seller is an intermediary and the buyer is the final destination of sending the goods / services.

  • Channel marketing: In case of the channel marketing the goods are routed from manufacturer to final customer through a series of few intermediaries such as agent, wholesaler and retailer etc. When customer is served through various intermediaries then there is no actual connection between the manufacturer and customer but the interaction of the customer is more with the retailer. Hence the CRM maintained by the retailer with the customer counts in such sales channel.

Example: We can have an example of Amway, having its great Channel marketing where once retained customer catches another one and hence the channel for marketing he Amway products keep on expanding.

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