Hotel Management Assignment Help

Hotel Management Assignment Help

This Hotel Management Assignment Help solution discusses Spa service, its management,  objectives of spa center and effectiveness of the Spa in meeting those objectives.

1.0 Introduction

Hotel industry has been providing the core facility of accommodation since decades without any major change in service. Almost all hotels provide nearly the same level of service as far as accommodation is concerned. In hotels of same standard (example, 3 star, 4 star etc.), rates, hospitality, comfort and other services are more or less same. That is the reason why most of the hotels cannot achieve good occupancy rate as customers are evenly attracted towards them. So to differentiate our hotel from others, hotel needs to offer some extra services and augmented products.

Our hotel has some extra space in forms of excess capacity which can be utilized for more productive purposes. So here I propose an idea of opening a small spa center to differentiate our hotel from the others. This will serve both the purposes: one is making the portfolio of the total offerings from our hotel to the customers more diverse and attractive and second is to make use of every single square meter more productively (Chamsai, 2003).

2.0 Description of the Spa Service

In the newly opened Spa Centre within the hotel, various services would be provided. Hotel can offer 3 ultra- comfortable rooms equipped with finest spa linens and equipment.

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Spa centre would provide various types of spa services. For example:

  • Traditional Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Face Firming Massage
  • Therapeutic Body Treatments
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Deep Tissue Work
  • Aromatherapy
  • Facial & Body Treatments etc.

Main focused would be on the stress relieving massages which may be very attractive to the guests coming from long journey and coming for purpose of business. They would like a small session of spa or massage at the end of the day. Spa and massage are a healthy, refreshing way to restore energy and spirit (Burt , 2008).

This spa won’t offer any services related to hair. In fact we have some hair salons located nearby to offer rest of the services. We may have a joint offer and Marketing Planning to offer the customers complete services. Besides this spa and massage services would be available in the guest rooms also at request of the guests.

This service would be specially offered keeping in mind the issue of privacy of some privacy-concerned guests. The spa services must be exclusively for the hotel guests only. Even if the excess capacity of the spa needs to be used for the outsiders, that should not create incontinence for the hotel guests.

3.0 Objectives of the Spa Centre

  • Quality: To provide a high quality and aesthetician services with professional environment.
  • Customer Retention: To increase the customer retention of the hotel by making the Spa services as one of the major highlights of the hotel.
  • Image Improvement: To increase the overall image of the hotel, so that it may attract customers from a little above class also who like and afford costly add-on services like spa.
  • Profitability: To keep in mind that spa centre is not business for the hotel but just an add-on to boost revenue of the hotel. So it should first increase profits of accommodation business, then if the spa centre itself earns the profits, it will considered as bonus.[Learn about Tourism Industry Assignment Help]

4.0 Resources Needed

4.1 Information

As spa is just an add on service to the core business, only limited services out of many possible services can be provided. For that initial market survey needs to be done. For that we will identify the need and taste of the customers visiting our hotel and accordingly most demanded services can be identified to be offered in the spa centre (Janet, 2007). 

4.2 Furniture

Furniture requirements for various services are different. For example, for nail related services, one needs proper chair and manicure tables.  Properly designed massage tables, water basins are needed.  Moreover, some furniture would be needed for decoration purpose to make the ambience of the spa look better and to match the style level of the hotel itself.

4.3 Equipment & Spa Products and Tools

It depends on the various services offered as part of massage and skin treatment services. Special equipment for various services is required. For example, bath tub. Apart from this body wraps, plastic sheets, blankets, mud wraps etc. are need to be purchased. [Also read Technology in Human Resource Management Assignment.]

Various herbal products, medicines, various oils needed for massage are needed to be sourced from various parts of the country and the world as they are produced by specific producers only (Bardey, 2010). Some other facilities like locker rooms and showers must be provided.

4.4 Office Supplies

Some typical office supplies are needed to manage the spa centre separately from the hotel business, though customers may not need to pay for the spa separately. Office supplies include a computer, a printer to generate invoice, credit card reader (if need to pay for the spa separately) and other common stationery items.

4.5 Employees

Most of the employees the hotel needs to hire for spa centre are expert massage therapist and the aestheticians. These people are specialists and have the licence to perform this service. Right now in the market, there are more such experts available than needed which makes this an employer’s market. To operate the services in 3 rooms allocated for the spa services, total 3 experts needed to be hired. Apart from them, some persons providing assistance to them would be hired.

One front office person would be hired to manage all the activities. Most of the employees would be hired for full time. They will be paid on commission basis, which will motivate them to make the quality of the services better (Hannelore, 2005). One more thing needs to be taken care of about the employees is that here they would be not just employee of a spa centre but also of the hotel itself. So they also need to behave in the proper manner considering the “customers” as their “hosts”. [Read about Health Safety Hospitality Industry Assignment.]

5.0 Things to be taken care of

  • One thing need to decide before purchase of any equipment or other furniture for the spa centre is deciding the style of the spa. We must remember that spa is just an add-on to the regular business of hotel of providing accommodation. So the style of the spa must be timeless to avoid any major capital expenditure. Trends and need of the customers keep changing, but the initial decorations and facilities should be such that there should be no further major cost in first 5 years.
  • As mentioned earlier, for the spa centre 3 rooms of hotel which is generally an excess capacity, would be allocated. So there won’t be any need for capital expenditure for that.
  • Identification of wet and dry treatment areas of the spa centre. This will help in identifying the requirement of plumbing and other utility facilities. We need to remember that this centre is being set up in an already operative hotel so the regular customers should not be affected by anyway during the development and after than the operation of the spa centre. So if possible keep the spa centre near the water storage so that the demolition would be minimal. Apart from this, laundry facilities should be located nearby (Miller, 2009).
  • From spa services customers expect relaxation the most. So it becomes very important to keep the louder treatments like pedicure and the reception area a little far from the quiet treatments like massage. Else isolation of the same should be arranged.

6.0 Managing Quality

6.1 Quality

Quality of the services offered by the spa centres should match the standard of the services of the hotel. For example if the hotel itself is an five star hotel then the spa services must be of top quality with all the necessary equipment and experts available at the centre. On the other hand, there is no need to improve the quality much more than the standard of the hotel, as that nay increase unnecessary cost (Janet, 2007). Moreover, the target customers of the hotel may not afford such high quality services of the spa and the spa capacity may be underutilized at the end. So it is very necessary to manage the quality level offered at desired level. [Learn about Tourism Industry Assignment Help.]

6.2 Measuring and improving performance

To know how is the quality of the spa services offered by the hotel, a feedback must be taken from the customers regarding the services. A small questionnaire must be designed to rate the services and get the quantifiable data. Open ended questions should also be asked to take under notice those aspects also which were not considered earlier. Analysis of these data would help in identifying the weak area of the services, if any.

7.0 Effectiveness of the Spa in meeting its objectives

  • Quality: As mentioned earlier, customer feedback about their satisfaction would help in judging the effectiveness.
  • Customer Retention: A data of regular visitors may be analysed to see their spa usage habits.
  • Image Improvement:with improvement in the image, the occupancy rate of the hotel should increase. Also the same customers should be ready to pay a little more to the hotel as their perceived value from the services should have been increased.
  • Profitability:Two separate revenue and profit analysis should be done for the hotel as a whole and the spa centre as an independent unit. After introduction of the spa facility, the change in revenue and profits of the accommodation business should be analysed.

8.0 Risks Associated

Change always has possibility of inviting risks. By adding spa facility in the overall offering, hotel carries a risk. Every hotel has some regular customers or customers of a particular class or demographic. Introduction of spa facility will definitely change the image of the hotel. This may lead to a positive as well as negative change in the customers’ mind-set. [Get information about Health Care Management.]

Moreover, starting spa center needs purchase and installation of costly furniture and equipment and talent recruitment as well as salaries (Burt , 2008). These all costs needs to be recovered either from increase in revenue of hotel from its core business of accommodation or it can be recovered by the revenue of the spa centre itself. If the breakeven doesn’t happen in descent duration, then idea of adding spa facility would be a failure.

Above in measuring and improving quality section, I discussed about taking customer feedback about the spa services. This will also help in knowing, how the new spa centre has helped in increasing the customer foot falls per year and also the retention ability. It is also possible that customer may not be interested in spa services at all and they just come for accommodation then such feedbacks would be very helpful to close the spa centre and avoid extra spending on maintaining the spa centre, though this is just an extreme idea.

9.0 Possible Improvements

  • If the responses and feedbacks of the customers are positive for the spa services and if this centre as a separate unit is profitable and adding benefit to the hotel, then various improvement in the same spa centre can be done.
  • For example, initially the spa centre is expected to offer a limited no. of services as that is anyway not the core business of the hotel. But if this idea works well, more services like hair treatment and other nail treatment can be added. But this again depends on the space constraint of the hotel.
  • There are many special types of massages which can be offered in a spa centre but the hiring experts for the same may be costly for the hotel (Miller, 2009). So after successfully running spa centre with current offerings, new sales projections can be done depending on the customers’ feedback.
  • Yoga services can be offered at early morning. For this service negligible capital expenditure is required and the operational cost is also the cost of the trainer only.


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