Health & safety policies workplace assignment

Health & safety policies workplace assignment


Health & safety policies workplace assignment is One of the major concerns of stakeholders,employers and employees can be summarized by Workplace Health and Safety . Many countries and their governments have issued relevant guidelines related to “Workplace Health and Safety Regulation” or relevant policies for “Occupational Health & Safety”. Policies designed can be different for different kinds of organizations. These policies have to be followed by enterprises in order to make sure that they comply with any legal framework and also to make sure that their workplace does not have any health or safety related issues and that the enterprises are reducing any chances or risks of hazard related issues at workplace.Application of workplace health and safety regulation does not increase the complexity levels of an organization;rather it helps reduce the risks of any complication or loss when health and safety policies are not followed properly at the workplace. This process involves tactical but simple elements of an organization–Leadership; health and safety; anticipating hazard; preventing and controlling hazard; Planning and Evaluation; monitoring and supervision; training in health and safety and participation of employees.Pitstop Pvt Ltd organization is a private company, located in Melbourne, which has recently started expanding its operations across Victoria, Queensland and NSW by buying out Independent Service Stations.They essentially include six pump stations, a food bar, a retail shop, stockroom and store manager’s office.The organization sells supermarket goods, fuel, cold drinks, hot pies, etc.The flagship store in Melbourne has attached office space wherein Directors and Senior Management staff is accommodated. Most of the work in different sections is done manually including filling petrol tank, cash counter payment, etc.The store keeps hazardous substances at their service stations and although the stores keep extensive protective equipment at their stations, workers are not trained to use them properly.To boost employee morale, to address the spill and burn issues at the store, certain Occupational Health and Safety Standard will be introduced which are also in line with the Australian Government’s OHS Policy.

health & safety policies assignment

It has been observed that there is a lack of documentation at the workplace and the available documents have not been updated. Weekly meetings will be held regularly across all the stores in which the operation staff such as store managers, general managers an director will be present.Furthermore, informal meetings will take place every alternate day between workers and store managers. Due to environmental and other risks associated with fuel spill, proper training will be provided to the staff to manage such situations.One member of the workers shall be selected as the team leader who will be responsible for carrying out and transferring daily meetings and manage other communication theoryfrom the upper management to the workers to ensure that the messages are conveyed properly and communication theory chain is not broken. Within the weekly meetings, all the safety standards and measures will be addressed and issues will be identified and fixed as soon as possible (Australian Government, 2005). Additionally, all staff will receive a safety induction kit before commencing work on site.The induction site will include basic environmental video explaining the rules of working in a high risk environment. Specific site induction will include a user manual to use safety equipment properly.

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One technique will be used to identify work related discomfort which is known as body mapping.This technique will measure the body posture, discomfort level and which activity is creating what kind of pain or injury, etc. Within this technique, a diagram is prepared about the whole body and workers can be asked to point out which areas suffer the pain. Different symptoms are marked with different color markers. For instance, Green color marker is used to indicate bruises and burn; red is used to indicate pain and ache and blue is used to highlight wounds and cuts and lastly black is used to highlight usual illness while purple is going to be used to denote other symptoms (Government, 2014). In the case of the present company, most of the workers will point out the colored dot which implies that a common discomfort is identified. Store manages will be trained to use this map and they will be taught different color codes.Thecompetitive organization will also put notice with regard to the color code in varied sections and areas to avoid confusion.

Furthermore, Risk Mapping technique will also be followed which will ensure further compliance with the country’s occupational health and safety regulations and laws.Workplace safety, satisfaction and employee motivation are significantly increased when there is substantial compliance with laws and also when risks are identified, analyzed and solutions are proposed to minimize them. As per the Risk Mapping technique a simple diagram comprising of the office’s outlet is prepared by drawing and all areas and spots including the risks, their evaluation and allocation according to priority; methods to work out a solution for each risk to minimize them and their implementation is prepared (Queensland Government, 2011). The conclusion and solution is depended upon the kind of hazard is posed at the station.More often than not, the solution involves training of workers on a large scale. All the workers are trained how to use personal protective equipment's; they are also trained how to use fuel pipe properly in order to reduce spillage. When there is a chance of environmental pollution (fuel drainage on a daily basis), training is provided how to use the equipment properly and also proper cleaning procedure is taught so that trips could also be avoided. Additionally, training will be provided to use microwave so that workers don’t have to depend upon a manual which does not read properly. Training will be provided to workers so that workers in all shifts can be covered. Furthermore, first aid kid training will also be given to all workers and managers as well so that it can be used as quickly as possible without them having to go through the user manual in the situations of emergency (Australian Business Consulting, 2013).Therefore, through the use of this diagram, a color coding method will be used which will be used to highlight the kind of hazard that is initiated. There will be different teams made who will be specially trained in situations of emergency or hazard or disaster.Also, according to the color coding, an alert will also be activated so that a notification can be sent to workers in a case of emergency. For instance, Code Red will be used for emergency in cases or burn or fire; Code Green will be used to highlight any medical emergency; Code blue will be used in cases of theft; Code Orange will be used to highlight trip and slip at the workplace. Workers and the people management will be trained to use and handle different equipment's such as ire safety devices and they will also be trained to use different techniques to reduce any kind of damages by simulation ways and other drill exercises (Government of Alberta, 2012).  Furthermore, a team will be assigned the task of monitoring and supervising to make sure the techniques applied are successful. Both the techniques mentioned above can also be successful only if all the workers participate in the exercise.


Furthermore, works will be provided sufficient training by the NSCA as they have a range of training courses and they train at the work place. Their training is also based on latest regulations and safety of the country and this is done to make sure that the most important asset of the organizations is protected, i.e. people. They provide public training through classroom delivery training method wherein new learning techniques are taught to employees and workers. Also, they specialize in providing onsite training so that flexibility option can be maintained. This option is cost effective and a large or small group of employees can be trained at the work site. Since most of the staff are not highly educated, a personalized onsite training will be chosen for them instead of online training help (NSCA, 2012).


The procedures followed through the Workplace Health and Safety are followed not to increase any complexity for any organization, but to make sure that many risks are reduced so that losses in terms of people and property can be reduced and eliminated. The government of Australia has always had strict terms and policies in place in order to maintain occupational health and safety regulations.Additionally, when an organization abides by the law, it not only contributes sin legal compliance but also provide benefits to its own staff. Costs are reduced when law is followed wherein issues related to accidents at the workplace are reduced which also reduces the level of absenteeism. Workplaces consist of high risk areas and employees are involved in instances where they can get burnt or injured in case they don’t know the exact procedure to use equipment. Therefore, by using the aforementioned techniques, costs can be reduced and efficiency of the staff can be enhanced.


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