Health Care Services Management Assignment

Health Care Services Management Assignment

This is a health care services management assignment in which we discuss the important issues related to health care services management like Hoist/Patient Lifts and different tools for training sessions.


Hoist/Patient Lifts – These are the machines being used to lift the patients in their convenience as allowed with the medical conditions (NMC, 2008). The main advantages of this machine is related with the lifting of the patients in a comfortable manner without getting patient hurt and requiring additional staff to carry or lifting the patients (NMC, 2008).

Health Care Service Management Assignment

The above image is a lifting machine called hoist machine needs for lifting the patients. The below provided image is an example for how the patient is going to be lifted (NMC, 2008).

Now the assessment tools for the learning in training sessions are as follows:

Health Care Service Management Assignment

Written Test:A written test will be taken over the knowledge of training session with the terms, events and technology used(NMC, 2008). This will assess the grasping and coordinating of the resources where the person getting training are adequate with the terminology used in the medical environment and with the knowledge and skills analysiswhich they can explain to the superior and subordinate with the same language.

Practical session: A practical training was provided to the trainees in the training  and develpement session, but now a practical assessment will be taken which will assess their knowledge and skills to handle a live situation by taking a real patient and a real hoist machine so that actual weight of the patient can be felt and make the appropriate understanding in the health and social care units while dealing with these kinds of situations.

There are seven learning styles with the help of which a person can learn various things related to the tools and technologies and can assure that it can make an understanding with various aspects which could help it in performing in a better and effective manner. There are seven styles of learning which helps an individual in making a better understanding with various aspects and will help the organization to provide the training as with these learning styles will help in making decision that which type of training should be provided to the people. Therefore seven styles of learning are Visual learning, Physical learning, aural learning, Verbal learning, Logical learning, Social services learning and solitary learning.

Health Care Service Management Assignment

With the effect the learning process that will be most suited for the training of Hoist would be visual method and verbal method.

Visual Learning:the process of learning in which visual effects of each and every thing are being shown so as to make sure that the person can gain a better learning in relation with the various aspects which are being taught of shown to the person which could help him or her in near future. With the help of visual method all the aspect of Hoist could be better understood as it will help in showing that what are the various procedures and what are the various usage of Hoist (Dascalu, Constanta-Nicoleta, Moldoveanu, Mohora, & Lytras, 2015). As with the help of Hoist a patient is being transferred from one place to another than it becomes important that the patient should be kept safely and securely, with the help of visual learning method a person will understand what are the various usage of Hoist and would be able to work properly on Hoist.

Verbal Learning:Verbal learning is learning in which the information is being provided to the learner by explaining each and every thing about the work process that it have to perform. In verbal learning method both the aspects are used speech and written communication with the help of which people are being understood with the fact that what are the various usage of the equipment or the work that an individual will have to perform. Proper knowledge of Hoist can be provided with the help of verbal learning method and the user can be able to make sure that it could use the Hoist in an effective manner (Dascalu, Constanta-Nicoleta, Moldoveanu, Mohora, & Lytras, 2015).

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