Functional requirements of Website Assignment

Functional requirements of Website Assignment

This Functional requirements Website Assignment brings question answers of functional non functional and systems investigation.

Q. 1 Outline the main requirements for website including functional and non functional requirements


a website have lot of interactive elements and static attributes associated with it. It contain written words’ images’ multimedia applications’ graphics etc. to design a website the main languages which are used are HTML’ XML which is a extension of HTML only and CCS. (Stellman, A. and Greene, J. 2005).

Functional requirements of a website are those requirements which are behavior specific and generally describe the behavior of system. These requirements tend to serve the users purpose and goal of the website.

Typical functional requirements of a system are

  1. Following of business rules ‘a website should have the fundamental characteristics of the business it is serving. For example a bank system should have the capability to maintain account records
  2. Ability to make transactions’ corrections and cancellation of the work it has done.
  3. External interface should be present so that an outside user is able to use the system.
  4. Legal and regulatory requirements need to be followed. The system should be able to comply with the legal requirements of a business and follow the regulations of its governing body.
  5. It should be in a simple language and non ambiguous in nature to make itself user friendly and easy to navigate
  6. It should have the facility to provide authorization to its users. This way different level of users can perform work on same system as per their user authority.

On the other hand non functional requirements of a website are constraints or limitations which are required by the website to follow to maintain a certain standard of quality. The quality can be explained as characteristics of the web designing which are required by the stakeholders of the website (Young, R. R.2001).

The non functional requirements are

  1. Performance parameters:- this includes the response time of the system’ utilization level of both static and volumetric type’ throughput etc. these parameters are standardized so a system has to follow them.
  2. Recoverability:- a system should be able to make a recovery from a crash. It is required that system has the inbuilt ability to recover themselves.
  3. Security:- security measures should be embedded in the system to ensure that the records present in the system are secure and no unauthorized personnel can access them.
  4. Maintainability:- the system should be designed in such a way that they can be serviced and maintained on a periodic basis.
  5. Environmental requirements:- it is one of the legal and regulatory requirements as well. The system should be designed in such a way that its manufacturing and operation does not affect the environment in a negative way. The carbon foot prints of the system should be below the statutory limits.
  6. Interoperability:- the system should be designed in such a way that it can work in integration with different operating systems and they can be changed as per the requirement of the user (Wiegers, K. E. 2003).
Functional requirements Website Assignment

Q. 2 In order to analyze the requirements for the website in further detail discuss what systems investigation techniques (e.g. interviews, questionnaires, document review) you would use, justifying your answer.


system analysis is a very important step of life cycle of website development. It is done to investigate the current and new systems to make websites better adapted for the requirements of the end users. It is also essential for tracking the changing trends of the website development’ assess the attributes of competitive websites and following the changing needs of the users and their preferences. A few methods of system investigation are observation of the website’ document reviews’ taking interviews and questionnaire fill up.  All methods have their own advantages and shortcomings associated with them and they each can be used as a single method or mixed approach can also be used to take advantages of different methods.  I would be personally using interview method for system investigation. Interviews are personal in nature and the users and developer face each other in it. The developer asks his questions and queries directly to the user and records their responses both verbal and nonverbal. The user can also ask their doubts and general queries which are also very insightful for the developer. The questions can be general or specific in nature depending upon the requirement and technical knowledge of the respondent. The advantages associated with interview method are there is a direct contact between the developer and user thus removing the chances of misinterpretation or confusion. The interviewer can modify or change the language of the question immediately if he observes that user is not able to grasp it fully (Gauch, Jr., H.G. 2003). This technique is more flexible and adaptive than questionnaire or document review.

       The user also have more confidence while answering any question as they can see the interviewer and believe that if they don’t understand the question they can ask their doubts immediately. This method ensures that the quality of data collected is very high and irrelevant data is not incorporated in it. The observational power of the interviewer is also very helpful in understanding the non verbal signs and signals given by the user. These signs are also assessed to understand the difficulties faced by the user and their opinion about the attributes of website they like or dislike which will be used to improve the quality of the website and its services. There are certain disadvantages also associated with interview like they are more expensive than other methods’ they are also more time consuming in nature and very limited sample size can be assessed with this method. These shortcomings can be improved upon by selecting the sample carefully to ensure that all types of users are represented in it. Also the benefits associated with interviews as a system investigation technique is justifiable for the expense it incurs (Creswell, J.W. 2008).

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