Facility Planning Management Assignment

Facility Planning Management Assignment


This facility planning management assignment report is about the facility management plan in Skygarden hotel organisation. The Skygarden Hotel group is spreaded on a wide area which invests in built facilities. However, the facility management of the organisation is not very effective which is affecting the growth of the business. Non – compliance with the laws and regulations may lead to the business center discontinuance. The cultural factors can also impact the built facilities management. To overcome these, an effective facility management plan needs to be implemented with properly designed activities, priorities, objectives etc.

Formulation of the facility management implementation plan


The facility project planning shows that the decision making process of the business organisation affects the needs and real estate assets of the business. Proper planning for the management of the facilities of the organisation is necessary for the purpose. The objectives of the organisation can be achieved by planning, acting, understanding and analysis of the number of factors associated with the business. The long range needs of the business need to be identified and then proper planning should be done to meet them. After planning stage, the actions to be performed to execute that planned procedure. The understanding of the mission and vision statement, aims and objectives statement should be developed so as to enable the members of the organisation to work more efficiently (Ahmed, 2015). After then, SWOT analysis or scenario planning can be done to analyse the working conditions and financial feasiblity of the organisation.

For the above purpose, the Skygarden Hotel group has accepted the proposed Facility management division service delivery model. Its implementation is critical as it includes a number of factors such as activities to be performed, which activity is to be prioritized, the stakeholders that are affected by the implementation of the above mentioned activities and the fulfilment of the objectives of the business (Atkin & Brooks, 2014). The resources, processes and performance management in each of the activities planned by Skygarden are to be discussed in detail.

Stage 1 – Planning

The planning stage of the facility management process in Sky garden Hotel group includes the identification of the key objectives of the business, long term and short needs of the organisation, service delivery facilities and target customers etc. The project plan should be flexible enough to be amended as per the changing market scenario. The understanding of the organisational objectives is must before starting the planning stage. The better future opportunities can be availed by proper planning. The strategies formulation for achieving the success in the organisation would be easier by maintaining an efficient planning system in the business (Crawshaw, Budhwar, & Davis, 2014). A number of shareholders are affected by the activities of the organisation such as employees, owners, stakeholders, creditors, debtors, suppliers, customers, government and society. The facility management plan should be such that it is framed as per the vision and mission statement of Skygarden hotel group.

The core values of Skygarden are identified in the planning process, which shows the manifestation of the planning for the long term facilities of the organisation and its budgeting scenario. The master plan is made for the forecasting of the future opportunities and annual budgets need to be maintained for the determination of the development life cycle. Regular reviews and audits need to be done for early detection of the irregularities in the planning procedure (Kalaimani, 2015). The strategic facility assets management, service delivery activities, investment opportunities, maintenance activities and replacement of assets are all a part of the planning stage of the Skygarden hotel group. The reduction of the energy consumption, wastes etc. are planned to be done by reviewing through regular audits. The risk management strategies need to be formulated for minimising the risk level in the success of the organisation. The locations of the facilities are identified and the analysis of the costs of the organisation needs to be done. The life cycle cost analysis; SWOT analysis, gap analysis and capacity analysis are all a part of facility management planning.

Review of the facility management plan

Implementation ActivitiesImplementation PrioritiesStakeholdersBusiness objectivesRanking
Long term planning for management of assets value and its budgetingSafety of the customerCreditors, owners, suppliers, unions and the overall communityThe built facilities can be improvedI
Development of an effective plan for the management of resources for sustainability of the environment.Reduction of waste and greenhouse gas emissions for the preservation of the external environment.Employees, workmen, society, government and ownersTo recover the wastes and identify new sources for the healthy environmental conditions.II
Annual planning for minimizing the operational costThe advocacy of the project needs to be maintainedDirectors, debtors, employees and societyFor ensuring the success of the plan at reasonable prices.III
Management of the risks associated with the business and formulation of strategies to overcome them.Information sources to be increased to maintain the reliability of the data and risks factors can be identifiedEmployees, workers, creditors, debtors and key stakeholdersTo avoid the possible hindrances to the success of the business.IV
Management of the activities at the workplace to maintain the health and wellbeing of the staff members.The communication system should be maintained to improve the morale of the employees and healthy measures should be implementedEmployees, workmen, society and the governmental agenciesTo motivate them to work more efficiently to achieve the aims of the establishment of business.V
Activities relating to easy access of the services.The management of the knowledge and information distribution should be controlled.Customers, service users and business organisation ownersTo maintain the reliability of the information security system in the organisationVI
Activities for managing the project for improving the performance of the business.The leadership and governance should be prioritized for the purpose.Government and other agencies, owners, workers and the overall communityTo maintain the decorum in the organisational structureVII
Conducting regular audits for managing the performance of the members of the organisation to maintain the quality of the work and services.Check on the internal control system and financial analysis of the organisationEmployees, business owners, governmental agencies and customersTo present the true and fair financial position of the organisation to the owners and societyVIII

Stage 2 – Implementation

The implementation stage of the Facility management plan of Skygarden hotel group consists of a number of elements. The requirements of the facilities management are identified in this stage so as to design the implementation activities effectively for achieving the objectives of the business. The strategies for the implementation of the above planned activities should be negotiated with the subordinates and the employees of the Skygarden hotel group so as to enable them to work accordingly and attain the business aims as early as possible (Kalaimani, 2015). The implementation should be documented properly for evaluating the working efficiency of the members of the organisation and monitored them in appropriate time interval. The legislative and governmental regulation should be properly followed to avoid the consequences in future. The resources requirements which are identified in the planning stage should be fulfilled by comparing a number of alternatives.The checklists need to be prepared for analysing the working success in the business (Lamming, 2013). Proper communication system needs to be maintained within the organisation for increasing the morale of the employees and motivate them to work more efficiently.

Regular monitoring of the implementation activities should be performed for evaluation the progress in the business organisation. It should be ensured that the aims are met within set parameters. The income and expenditure of Skygarden hotel group should be properly monitored to maintain the reliability of the accounts and the accountant should be provided adequate training to maintain the books of accounts of the company. The systematic procedures should be maintained for following the governmental requirements. Recommendations for the improvement in the working procedure are to be given after properly evaluating the performance of the business organisation (Langston & Kristensen, 2013). The built facilities should be such that the customer will be satisfied and industry benchmarks should be followed for the purpose. The concepts relating to the management of the project should be properly understood for the implementation of the facility management plan in Skygarden hotel group.

The facilities Information Management System should be implemented. The understanding and need of the facility management should be developed within the organisation for motivating the employees for the achievement of the objectives of the organisation. The customers should be satisfied by the implementation activities of the organisation. The standards of the facility management in the Skygarden hotel group should be followed(Leitch, 2012).The persons responsible for the facility management should be competent enough to manage the affairs of the business. The maintenance of the planned activities and uniformity in the delivery of services should be considered in the implementation process. The economies scale will be benefited by proper following of the standards. The facility managers need to analyse all the elements related to the implementation of the planned activities for the facility management of the Skygarden hotel group. Formal presentation of the implementation process and the facility management service delivery model should be made to all the members of the organisation. The property operations and building maintenance are the major cost activities in Skygarden hotel group. The scope of the facility management plan is clearly identified in the implementation stage. This is the term which would be necessary for the organisation after making an effective plan. Idea, model, design, structure or policy to make all things in practical as it has been stated that plan is a blue print of any of the project for the organisation. To make those plans in realistic it is being so necessary for the organisation to implement those plans. The implementation is an important step in context of planning and managementas the blue print could not be realistic without the implementation as it would provide a ground to the blue print in the practical way (Leitch, 2012).

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The implementation is all about combining all the tasks in an efficient manner practically to achieve the desired goals of the organisation in an efficient manner. For the implementation of the ideas or the plans that are being prepared by the management team to achieve its objectives it is so necessary for the management team to assign the right task to the right person so that the ideas would be implemented in an efficient manner (Ahmed, 2015). For the implementation of plan in an efficient manner it is so necessary for the organisation there would be an effective team so that the plans would be implemented in an efficient manner. It is also necessary to use various strategies for the implementation of the plans in an efficient manner in the organisation to achieve the desired goals of the organisation. It has been seen that the strategies could be implemented only after the plan and the implementation of plan is fully based on the blue print that is being considered in the first step which is plan. The implementation could be related to the effective use of the ideas or the plans or the use of effective technology in the organisation. The implementation is being related with the work in progress and also make the plans in the action so that the organisation can be work in an efficient manner. It is also being necessary at the time of the implementation of plan to make healthy relationship with all the stakeholders that are involved in the implementation process so that there would be no delay and there would no hindrances in the effective implementation of the plans. Implementation in the organisation plays an important role for the organisation to execute its ideas or the plans in a practical way so that the company could be developed in a competitive environment (Atkin & Brooks, 2014). For each and every plan or the ideas that has blue print they can be executed on the ground with the help of the implementation. Without the implementation it would be not possible to execute an idea or plan on the ground. Various key players are plays an important role in the implementation or in execution of the plan for the organisation which are as follows such as employees, stakeholders, government and all the stakeholders that are connected with the organisation in a direct or indirect way. It is also being necessary to have effective leadership for the implementation of the plan and proper management is also required to implement the plans in an effective process so that no such is left that is so necessary for the implementation of the plan in an efficient manner.

Stage 3 – Operation

The Skygarden hotel group is engaged in providing built facilities to the customers. The area of the infrastructure of the organisation and the basic facility requirements needs to be determined. The operations of the organisations need to be executed as per the planned procedures. The staff members should be imparted training sessions to work more efficiently as per the predetermined guidelines for the maintenance of the facility management plan in Skygarden hotel group (Leitch, 2012). Regular review checks should be done to evaluate the operational effectiveness of the organisation. The staff should be provided healthy and hygienic environmental conditions for enabling them to work more efficiently. The mission and vision statements should be kept in mind for maintaining the operational effectiveness of the organisation. The management planning should be done on regular basis to manage the valuable assets of the Skygarden hotel group (Leonard & Cardy, 2014). The resources of the organisation should be well managed so as to adapt the necessary changes as per the changing marketing conditions. The operations of the Skygarden hotel group should not affect the sustainability of the environment and its resources. The operation of the organisation would include as the various facilities with the help of the effective process would be provided to the customers. For the effective operations related to the various facilities which are involved in the organisation it is necessary to use various strategies.

The operations that are included in the Sky Garden hotel group is related with the efficient services and the affective supply of food to the customers. Each and every department included in the organisation is operating different operations in the organisation (Jha, 2015). The department that are included in the organisation are as follows such as finance department, food and beverage department, front office, housekeeping, production kitchen department, human resource department, sales & marketing department and in the last is security department. Various operations are being performed in all these departments and all the operations in the departments are different from each other which are as follows such as:

Finance department- in this particular department the management of finance is being operated related to the funds that are being coming with the customers and it also includes the payment of the salaries of the employees and mange all the funds.

Front office- in this department the employees are dealing with the person who comes to hotel to stay or pickups dropping airport or any other which is being relevant to the hotel. It is also dealing in the various things which are being related to the guest of the hotel and with the availability of the room to the guest (Leitch, 2012).

Food and beverage department- this is the department in which the operations are being related with the management of the bar and also includes the restaurant where the food service is being supplied to the guest of the hotel and also operates the banquet. It also operates the party function occasion in which the food and beverage is being supplied.

Production or kitchen department- it operates as cooking of food for the guest who visit the hotel and it has been observed in the kitchen department of the hotel industry that the menu of the kitchen for the food is being setup after every two months.

Human resource department- this is the department of the hotel industry which is being operates in the appointment of the staff for the hotel. It would operate in finding right person for the right place which is being so necessary for the hotel to operate its entire department.

Sales and marketing department- sales and marketing plays a vital role for the development of the hotel in the competitive market as it would operating towards the selling of the services which are being provided by the hotel for its guest and also operate in marketing to get the customers attraction towards the brand. This would also operate in the development of the brand of the hotel (Leonard & Cardy, 2014). With the effective operation of the sales and marketing department the hotel would be able to generate more revenue which would be so necessary for the hotel to compete in the market of hotel industry.


From the above Facility Planning management assignment report, it is concluded that the facility management plan is significant for the success of the organisation in this competitive world. The planning, understanding, action and evaluation of the facility management process are necessary for achieving the objectives of the business. The facility management division service delivery model is introduced by Skygarden hotel group for developing the facilities infrastructure of the organisation. The risks in the processes of the facility management plan needs to be identified and overcome for the purpose. The required resources of the organisation are to be maintained properly for maintaining the performance of the Skygarden hotel group. The planning is the first step for the success of any of the organisation as without the planning the organisation would not be able to run the business in the competitive environment. It is also being concluded that there are various departments of in the hotel and the different operations are being operated in the different department. With the help of the proper management of the planning, implementation and the operations the organisation would be able to achieve the desired goals and targets which would help in the development of the organisation. It has also been concluded that with the effective management the organisation would be able to manage all the operation that is being required in the Sky Garden Hotel group. All the operations are being operate in an efficient manner so that the organisation would be attain the competitive advantage and retain its customer with the brand.


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