Environment Management Tools Assignment

Environment Management Tools Assignment

Environmental management tools

Environment management are the activities of the firm which can have some ill impacts on the environment. Hence in order to keep the environment healthy companies try to save the environment by using the best practice in the industry which safeguards the environment hence these best practices are a part of the social responsibility of the companies.

Every company has its manufacturing or service facility and in establishing these facilities environment of the surrounding gets affected. Following are some of the business activities which most of the companies follows:

  1. In production of the goods raw material is extracted out of the environment hence it requires utilisation of the environmental facilities.
  2. In establishing the facility for the production process and for that environmental elements have to be removed off from the place hence environment gets affected
  3. In providing the services for the business energy is consumed for that hence environment gets affected

The Following figure demonstrates production process for the company:

[caption id="attachment_4690" align="aligncenter" width="573"]environment elementsShowing the environmental elements affected in the process of companies[/caption]

Environment management is done by the various companies since it provides various advantages to the companies which are as follows:

  1. Low cost
  2. Legislation compliance
  3. Reduction of environmental risk
  4. Meeting supply chain requirements
  5. Enhancing employee enthusiasm
  6. Increasing market Analysis and opportunities
  7. Making public reputation
  8. Making relation with regulators

In order to have the above-mentioned examples various companies try to implement the environment management tolls in their companies. Some of the most popular environmental management and environmental performance improvement tools are:

  • Cleaner Production
  • Environmental Accounting
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Life Cycle Screening
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Material, Energy and Toxic-analysis
  • Material Input per Service Unit
  • Design for the Environment
  • Environmental Auditing
  • Environmental Performance Evaluation
  • Environmental Management Systems
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Frank session which is a company dealing in stainless steel sanitary ware in Europe is the renowned name in the Stainless steel sanitary wares and company is manufacturing industrial sinks and associated catering equipment in the UK. (Read about : Tourism Industry Assignment Help)

Process oriented tools

In order to manage the environment companies needs to use various process oriented tools. These process oriented tools are helpful in finding out the impacts of the production procedure on our environmental system. Hence these process-oriented tolls can help the company to reduce their wastage material and by doing so the efficiency of the company can be enhanced (Yasemin, Selcuk, 1988). These process oriented tools increase the efficiency by providing the ways out in order to reuse the material which is of no use for the companies. Hence such techniques are very much helpful for the companies as well as for the environment as such material when thrown to the environment affect it badly and company enhance their efficiency by reusing the material hence they save on the cost. (Grab Public Infrastructure Assignment)

Product oriented tools

Some of the products used in the production process and for other purpose also affects the environment. Hence the product oriented tools helps in measuring the ill effects of these products hence various new methodologies can be devised to use these products so that there is minimum impact on the environment.  Some of the well-known product oriented tools are as follows:

  • Life Cycle Assessment: The Life cycle assessment tool helps in finding out the total life cycle of the environment. These life assessment tools measures the various environmental impacts of the product oriented tools. There are various stages through which this impact calculation is done. The stages involved in the calculation of the environmental impacts are as follows:
  • Defining goals
  • Defining scope
  • Analysing inventory
  • Assessing the impacts and making interpretation out of that
  • MET-matrix and life cycle screening: In the whole process it is the main step as in this part of the process various issues involved in the process are found out and based on these factors further research is made. In this process of further investigation MET matrix is drawn by the investigator this MET matrix is simple input and output model which is generally combined with the life cycle of the product (Brezet, 1995). There are three categories of environmental aspects which are: material cycle, energy consumption, and toxic emissions. There three categories are differentiated using input-output model and the name is MET-matrix.
  • Material Input per Service unit: The material which is being input in the production system is analysed so as to gain the efficiency of the system. In order to analyse the input material MIPS concept is being used by the various service units. In this concept there is enhanced focus on increasing the productivity by making most use of the available resources (Liedtke, 1994).
  • Life Cycle Costing: In this process the main emphasis is not on the environment but on the cost that is involved in the production system. The Main objective of the process is to have the more performance for the least cost. It is also known as the value-added analysis since it measures how much value have been added in the process. (wanna know about Energy security in Australia)

Environmental conscious tools

Some of the environment conscious organisations make use of the various tools and techniques such as the housekeeping and better products so that the overall performance can be enhanced for the organisation. So for doing so these environment make use of the tools like CP, LCA, DfE etc., (Vasco, Andrew et al 2010). Using these tools helps the organisations in enhancing their environmental performance.

The Baby Change Station

Franke Sissions has introduced the new system into their products category which is known as the baby change station. Hence these new system introduced by the company keeps in mind the needs in order to fulfil the environmental regulations.

The Products which are made with the help of the baby change station are safe in nature as from the perspective of the nature, solid in the strength and durable in use. The WRAS approved self-closing tap contains an anti-scald feature toTMV3 water regulations combining ease of use with safety. An additional range of related stainless products like a paper towelling dispenser, soap dispenser and nappy bin is available alongside the Baby Change Station (Sanchez, Andrew, 2010).

Franke Sissons joins Bathroom Manufacturers Association

Bathroom Manufactures Association is a renowned organization which is working for the society by motivating people for efficient usage of water, publicity of some goods and helping Government by working for the benefits of the nation. So Franke Sissons joined the organization for the same purpose and the objective that the organization is already doing. So the company will be able to utilize the experience of the Commercial washroom market for making better and effective products for the society as well as their welfare.

Touch Free Tap

Franke Sissons always comes in the market with a new idea, a better technology and the most useful products for the people. So the market will have a new washroom technology which can be used by the customers within few months at Ecobuild. The washroom products will be of all type of new technologies and various types of features along with them. There will be multiple types of taps which are differentiated with the features of usage like touch free and controllability. So this kind of multiple varieties in the products and features made the company to expand globally and horizontally to cover the market in all sections like health and care, education, sports and social welfare.

This year introduced various new products in the market like a new stainless steel wash fountain with manual self closing or electronic touch free water controls and the hands-free. All in One Wash station using electronic water controls that can be connected together using the unique AQUA3000 Open Water Management system. The company is also looking forward in the areas of the water saving technology achieved with Waterless Urinals with over 100 units being supplied for Ireland’s new national Aviva stadium in Dublin.


Dematerialization can be defined as the absolute or relative decrease in the quantity of materials required or needed to serve economic functions in social life. In general language, dematerialization means doing more with less.

Franke sissions implements this process more frequently to make their working more efficient and effective in daily routine life. It will be explained using an example. It may also be called as DEMAT and which can be referred as the transformation from the use of physical stock certificates to an all-electronic system of bookkeeping.

Relationship with Distributors and Suppliers

Supply chain management involves all movement or transportations and storage related processes of raw materials, incomplete inventory, and finished products from where the product is started to get its birth to where it is consumed or market. There are various categories like suppliers, manufacturers; distributor, retailer etc which make the supply chain. Convenient and good relationship between each and every level in this chain helps the process to work in a smooth pattern (Catrin, 2006). Franke sissions maintains this relationship. They put in special efforts to do this hence can maintain environmental value chain management.

[caption id="attachment_4691" align="aligncenter" width="420"]supply chain management systemsupply chain management system[/caption]

 There are various techniques which helps the company to retune and help them to improve their efficiency. Some of these techniques are as follows:

  1. Cyclical view
  2. Push-Pull View

Cyclic View of Supply Chain

The Supply chain which is made up of the various elements involved in that, use to transfer the information in this system. The Various elements which transfer the information are across the upstream and downstream of the supply chain. Hence it is also called as the upstream and downstream relationship (Dawn, 2007).

Push-pull theory

[caption id="attachment_4692" align="aligncenter" width="500"]push pull theory in supply chain management systempush pull theory[/caption]

The Above figure shows another process which makes use of the push and pulls theories which are as follows:

Push Theory: It is used when the company is well aware of the demand and needs of the customer and by the various research company manufactures a particular product and then it launches that product into the market. There is lot of demand for that product into the market as company already do research about the product and then launches it into the market.

Pull Model: In the pull model the demand for the product is not so high so company send out the communication for the product in order to attract the customers about the product. Hence the communication designed by the company attracts the customer and other schemes and offers are also launched by the company sometimes in order to attract customers.


Proposed Communication Plan

Franke sissions is a leading producers of stainless steel sanitary ware which needs to have a communication plan by which they can communicate with its stake holders in order to enlighten them on what are  the new or old but developed products and services it has planned to launch in to the market.

The stakeholders here refer to the management, employees, share holders and last but not the least the customers of the organization who are using the products. This will make the image and positioning of the company much clearer in front of the market due to which it is sure to secure more and higher sales and customers in the market and enjoy more profits and benefits. This project is of utmost importance for the company to grow and to achieve the predefined targets.

The communication plan can be made as explained:

Firstly there should be a plan made about how the work is to be done for the company i.e. how people need to be made aware of the project. The management of the company to have a clear  and specific idea and vision about each and every product or service which is manufactured or provided by the company in the market in order to make others aware of it (Narendra, 2009).

Proper list is to be made of whom are the people involved in the work process and production for products and services and who are the target audience. People need to be explained the importance of the environment management tools that are being used. List of new products or the services and the related details should be known of. The employees have to have self-confidence on what they are doing in order to impress others with the plan or in fact in order work in the planed fashion (Carolyn, 1996).

A public meeting for the share holders can be hold where they can be given complete or partial information about the upcoming products and services. In case of further investments to be made by the shareholders, they can be explained about the future profits they will gain by their processes and plans of company.

It is to be made clear to the shareholders about their share of profit as in ROI (Returns on Investment) and also how much revenue to be retained. Rather it should be clearly stated that how the company utilizes the revenue from the new products to the shareholders so that they must be aware of what the profit may come in the future (Alexander, 2002).

To promote the products or services of the company, the company will have a strategy or plan to spread the awareness regarding the product or service as to how it is contributing to the CSR activities. Proper advertisement campaigns and other media are to be taken by the company to make the target customers or market known about the use and benefits of the product or service. As the basic objective of promotion for a product is to make target customers known and aware of the availability and use of the product or the service provided by the company so it is required to carry on a effective and efficient advertisement campaign or innovative idea by using any way of media. Proper and required promotion process has to be done. There should be proper and required sales promotion to increase and maintain the sales of the product. Proper information about the products or services to the respective distributors can be given to make the customers informed and aware about the products of the company. These are the possible checklists that can be done by the company to make aware customers, market, share holders and stakeholders aware of the products. Therefore there is a need of some work to be done by Franke Sission on a communication plan so that the stake holders can be informed effectively.

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