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Information economics studies the effect of information on a given economy and economic decisions. It is a part of the microeconomic theory but has implications on game theory and contract theory as well. The primary focus of the field in recent years has come to imbibe information asymmetries i.e the possession of valuable information by one party giving it an advantage over the other. Information asymmetry has two parts –signally and screening, which have their own principles, concepts and affecting factors. Information economics also uses the price mechanism concepts to analyze the changes in the economy due to information asymmetry. Being a relatively new field there isn’t a whole lot of literature on the subject with most of the original literature being based on Friedrich Hayek’s The Use of Knowledge in Society which was printed in 1945. Although later economists like Abba Lerner George Stigler etc. have made significant contributions to the discipline yet there is no singular definitive text that students can follow. As a result they frequently need to undertake research before writing assignments and even then need information economics assignment help to complete their academic imperatives on time. The economics offered at the economics assignment help site is one of the best in the online economics assignment help industry. The site was started in 2006 to help economics students excel in their studies by providing authentic, time based economics assignment help and has since then helped innumerable number of students become proficient in their respective fields. If you are looking for authoritative and lucid information economics assignment help then contact us and let our experts ease your academic burden. Related Pages :-

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