E-Commerce Delivery Resolution Assignment

E-Commerce Delivery Resolution Assignment

This is an excerpt of E-commerce project report, in this e-commerce delivery resolution assignment focus point is delivery issues faced by e-commerce management.


The Current problem faced by the company is the return of shipping orders due to which company is facing various issues. As more than 40% of the total shipped orders of the company is returned by the customers.

List of issues

The reasons behind the overall problem are different, some of the major issues related with the problem are:

  1. Late deliveries done by the shipping/ logistics operations department of the company
  2. The wrong prediction of the overall product requirement by the forecasting department
  3. Unachievable dates given by the sales people to the customers
  4. Inefficient production system of the company
  5. No co0ordination among the various production centres of the company
  6. Poor quality of the product

Problem identification

Hence from the above list of issues we can come to the clear conclusion that in the organisation there is no fix responsibilities and authorities which can take the responsibility for the problem. Every department is making their blames on different departments. As production departments give blame to shipping department, shipping department give blame to sales department and sales department to customer relationshipdepartment as well.

So from the above scenario it is also very clear that there is clear lack of inter departmental harmony among the various departments of the company. Hence the various departments are not working in co-ordination with each other, even different production units are not into co-ordination with each other due to which the problem of inefficient scheduling is arising in the organisation.

Since many managers in the company are also aware of the fact that the production system of the company is not working properly, the various reasons for that may be inefficient machines for production, inefficient scheduling or can be some other problems as well.

But the main issues which most of the managers are highlighting based on the feedback given by the customers of the company is the late delivery of the products to them due to which they are returning the goods since after particular delivery time these goods are of no use. But another customer feedback also revealing the fact that there is problem with the quality of the goods and due to which customers are returning the goods to company.

Recommended solution   

For solving the problem of returned delivery from the customer which is caused due to various issues according to the internal managers of the company, company needs o focus on several issues and sort them out by setting priorities on some basic facts which are as follows:

  1. Clarifying organisational structure: Company needs to establish a particular organisational behaviour in which reporting mechanism can be well defined. For example by defining the organisational structure it would be clear that daily sales data need to be presented to president, VP sales, forecast manager, treasure, production manager and regional sales managers as well so that proper co-ordination among them can be established.
  2. Clarifying department authorities and responsibilities: Everyone in organisation need to know their authorities and responsibilities.
  3. Specific department objectives: Since every working department has some problems faced by them so all these departments needs to establish their objectives and need to work on these objectives.
  4. Good relationship among departments: Among the various departments of the company good relationship have to be there since without proper co-ordination among the departments problem can’t be solved.
  5. Each department’s manager well dealing the relationship with staff: Every manager needs to work in harmony with the staff of the department since if support from the staff will not be there than company would not be able to operate itself in best manner.
  6. All departments complete all task quality on time: Every department needs to implement quality checks in their department since customers are not at all happy with the quality of the products of the company.
  7. Departmentsupporteach other through human resource and material: Every department needs to support each other through their human resource and the material available with them.
  8. Finding outproblemin delivery and deal with these problems: Organisation need to find out the delivery related issues and find out solution for these issues.
  9. Achieving efficient productivity in each department: Every department of the company needs to be very productive as they needs to have efficient operation for better operations.


First Lady Fashion Company is the 20 years old organisation in United States which is dealing in women clothing’s for the middle price range. Company is a well established company in the United States fashion clothing market and very popular brand as well. But some time company is facing the problem of returned delivery from their customers. The Issues is of such big magnitude that 40% of their total shipped orders are returned by the customers.

According to the various managers of the company some of the major issues related with the problem are: Late deliveries done by the shipping department of the company, the wrong prediction of the overall product requirement by the forecasting department, unachievable dates given by the sales people to the customers, inefficient production system of the company, no co-ordination among the various production centres of the company, poor quality of the products.

Hence some of the problems identified due to the problems discussed by the various managers are: lack of co-ordination among the various departments and no fix roles and responsibility of the people. So for solving the problems company needs to take some concrete majors which can control the situation. Some of the proposed solutions for the problem confronted by the company are: Providing a specific organisational structure, establishing inter-departmental harmony, Proper customer feedback, Making concrete plan, customer relationship management and co-creation.

Hence by adopting some of the major actions like establishing proper communication and harmony among the various departments, the departments will be able to know the current situation of the product and accordingly they will be able to schedule their activity in accordance with other departments hence problem of returned order can be solved.