Digital Signature Algorithm Assignment Help

Digital Signature Algorithm Assignment Help

Task 1

  1. What is Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA)?
  2. The objective of this task is to use DSA to verify the integrity of a message.  Here are the instructions:
  3. Generate a private/public key pair, send your public key via email to the lecturer and make a request of a signed and encrypted message. (note that never reveal your private key to anybody)
  4. Download a set of DSA Parameters and the lecturer's public key from CSC8412 course web page.
  5. decrypt the encrypted message and then verify the signed message.
You need to include all of your public key, the plain message and the result of verificaiton in your assignment.

Task 2

  1. What are Digital Certificates? How to generate Digital Certificates?
  2. We assume that the lecture is a well-known Certificate Authority (CA). Here are the instructions:
  3. Create a CSR, and send it to the lecture via email, the lecturer will send you with a signed certificate shortly after the receival of your request.
  4. Extract all the information about the certificate issuer such as Who is the subject? Who is issuer, when the certificate expire? What are the subject's and issuer's public key?
You have to include the contents of your CSR in text format, and list all out the extracted information in your assignment.

Task 3

This research project is an implmentation of practical research topic chosen in your assignment 1. You are expect to write a draft description of implementation, which is about 3-4 pages long. Which include
  1. Explain the vulnerability of the network security in your research topics or possible attacks which adversaries might launch.
  2. Set up an experiment platform - a computer network or a virtual network.
  3. The protocols and/or security algorithms you used in your research.
  4. How are you going to apply the security techniques learned to tackle the chosen problems.
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