Consumer Behavior Assignment Help

Consumer Behavior Assignment Help

This is a solution of consumer behavior assignment help, which discuss Classical conditioning theory on consumer behavior, mentality of consumer and behavior activities of consumer.


Consumer Behavior in a way is a part of Human Behavior for some of the factors which directly or indirectly impact their purchasing activities. Consumer behavior is also defined as an Emotional, physical & mental activities people perform or engage themselves while purchasing or using products or services.

The Print Adverts I have selected are of Jaguar XF R-Sport & HP Elite series. These two print adverts have a positive effect on the target customers but in a different way.

Perceptual Organisation

The Customers often organise stimuli into sub groups and perceive them as entities of similar characteristics. (Schiffman, Bednall, O'Cass, Paladino, D'Alessandro, & Kanuk, 2011).

For the First Advert - Jaguar XF R-Sport:The Perceptual Organization used here is Figure and ground. The Advert is generally simplified to form a figure of the product. The formed figure is something which will have an impact on purchase decision. The Advert gives impression that this product is must for Business drivers with higher tax rate as it will be more beneficial for them. Similarly based on other display parameters the figure gets clear and thus affecting the decision.

For the Second Advert - HP Elite class: The Perceptual organization here used is grouping. In this case the audience will get a unified impression about the product or service. HP Elite series is more of up gradation to Business Windows which gives unified picture about the performance that it will be improved version of previous ones.


Learning theory

The Learning theory applicable for Jaguar XF R-Sport Advert is the Classical Conditioning. Classical conditioning theory assumes that the organizational behavior in the matter of behavioral approach is relatively passive can be taught through repetition (or conditioning). The Advert tries to highlight the features of the car such as Fuel Economy and also purchase price to score attention from audience. It's a general and repetitive approach that people are attracted towards Economical products both by Fuel Economy and the purchase price. The Advert tries to discriminate the stimulus is gets by targeting the Company drivers who fall under higher tax rate or slab.

The theory applicable for the HP Elite class Advert is Instrumental Conditioning. Instrumental Conditioning theory assumes that learning happens through Trial and error method and the relative habits are formed or cultivated as result of rewards. The Advert highlights upgraded Windows operating system and upgraded Inter Core Processor to strengthen the likelihood of a positive response. By highlighting the up gradation services and cost benefit the advertiser is trying to attain positive reinforcement for the service or product.


Attitudes are generally formed by different ways such as personal or direct experience, exposure to various forms of media (Print Ads, Internet, TV's and so on), word of mouth and others. There is a strong link between the Brand attitudes and purchase intentions. (Peter, & Olson, 2005).

The concept of "Attitude-towards-the-ad model" is conceptualised on two parameter's Judgments about the Ad and Feelings from the Ad

For the First Advert - Jaguar XF R-Sport: Jaguar as a brand has well established itself in the market by way of customer satisfaction from various products produced and sold earlier. For this new product it brings additional factors such as Price and fuel economy to add to the feelings from the Ad. The Target audience's judgment about the brand (Cognition) is created by the display parameters in this case which are Fuel Economy, Price and its benefit for company car drivers with paying higher tax rate. The Belief's and the Judgment combined together generates the Attitude towards the brand.  The Target audiences (Company drivers with higher tax rate) get to connect themselves with the product and thus a positive attitude is created.

For the Second Advert - HP Elite class: HP in this case is very similar to the Jaguar in terms of brand belief. The Ad talks not only about up gradation but also about the closure of previous versions of Windows operating system for Businesses which creates feelings for the Ad. It creates desire to switch to new and upgraded system. The new Operating system and the processor with various features create a strong impact on attitude formation. Judgment about the brand is formed by unconditional stimulus which is a result of positive reinforcement for a favorable brand attitude.

Age subculture

The subcultures such as Age, Gender and Racial identity jointly influence consumer's behavior and have strong say in the purchase patters. Age is most commonly assessed subculture for study of consumer behavioralong with gender.

The First Advert - Jaguar XF R-Sport:The Advert mostly appeals to Younger company people with higher tax rates who seek new experiences. The general trait of Younger people is their interest in seeking new experiences. The Ad statement "How Alive are you" gives the factor which attracts people of younger age. In other words it is directed towards Generation Y and part of Generation X people (who feel Age).

The Second Advert - HP Elite class: The Advert actually appeals to both the major categories of Age that is Young and elderly consumers. For Products or services like these which are upgraded on timely basis attract all type of costumers because of the basic belief that its performance is better than the previous versions.  The display features such as ease of up gradation, cost benefit add to the cause.


Gender Subculture is majorly based on two types of traits - Masculine traits and feminine traits.Masculine traits comprises of factors such as aggressiveness, independence and competitiveness. Whereas Feminine traits are gentleness, tactfulness and talkativeness. (Assael, H, 1987)

Comparison between both the Adverts: The Jaguar XF R-Sport Advert is more likely to attract male customers because of its display parameters. Men tend to prefer Flashy or Brawny Vehicles whereas women prefer otherwise. Although the gap of gender preference is narrow the preference varies with the appearances and attitude which is formed by the various factors as explained above.

The HP Elite Class Advert is more likely to attract Females as the services like these as women buy or use more based on convenience. They are also less likely to be pricing conscious compared to men. The attitude and judgement towards the brand is created based on tactfulness and convenience factors.

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