Commercials Advertisement Assignment Help

Commercials Advertisement Assignment Help

This is a solution of Commercials Advertisement Assignment Help that describes about to gain knowledge about various companies and their public relation.


After watching around 25 commercials I selected my 15 best from which learned a lot and got useful information. This helped me to gain  knowledge about various companies and their public relation.While watching the Super Bowl game most of the commercials that I selected were aired at the peak time that is before the game and during half time. Many commercials  significantly portrayed the messages except a few which according to me could n ’t convey it’s branding successfully. The commercials like Hyundai and Audi showed intense and bold characters, which were, eye catching. The commercials like death wish coffee had high visual effects but failed to deliver a prominent message. This way I segregated meaningful and pleasant ads, which will help me to research a  constant trend further.I watched Super Bowl game and all the commercials at home with my roommates and few of my friends, which was really fun. While watching the game and commercials I collected the data and noted down various important points after every commercial . I used my notepad and my phone, which I found out to be fast and easy to note down my points.The only focus of my project is Branding. Branding is very important for any company to market their products. A brand includes a name,symbol, design or any other feature, which makes it distinct from other companies. It is projected that the role of public relations role in brand management is two fold: Brand as a creator of narrative, which means the conversation.  Brand as the purveyor of the medium to smooth the conversation, i.e., in social media, print media, content marketing.

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Commercials Advertisement Assignment Help

Sl.noQuestionsOverall descriptionAnalysis
  1.  Profit/ Non-Profit  Most of the commercials were profit based organizations  93.4%
  2.  Name verbal  Many commercials did not brand themselves verbally as   the priority of many brands was to deliver a message or describe a new feature. However, I believe that all commercials ended their footage with the textual representation of their brand hence it was not necessary to verbally recite the name of the brandas well.  93.4%
  3.  Name Textual  All brands had textually represented their names at the end or beginning of the commercials  100%
  4.  Logo  All brands displayed their logo either at the end or beginning of their commercials  100%
  5.  Overall purposeMajor commercials had the automobile, food and beverage industries involved. Out of which brands like Hyundai and Audi introduced new features for their existing automobile hence their main purpose for their commercials was to inform consumers about a new feature. Moreover in the food and beverage industry Coca- Cola, Snickers, Heinz & Budweiser reminded the consumers that they exist.  50% - Automobile sector introduced new feature and more than 62% of brands in the food and beverage industry reminded consumers of their presence and were the only two brands which had their website address on the commercials8%

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From the selected commercials, Colgate I.e., just 6% had the overall purpose of the commercial to evoke other emotions through messaging not tied directly to the product. Whereas, 94% of the commercials had the overall purpose of the commercial to remind consumers about the brand and the product/program/service. Similarly, commercials like Heinz, Doritos, Snickers, Coca-Cola, which constituted about 62% belonging to the food and beverage industries branded them to remind the viewers about their presence. The remaining commercials of brands like pizza-hut, mountain dew, shock top, etc., which constituted about 38%, introduced a new product and branded that product in their commercials. Tapping into the automobile industry sector Hyundai, Audi, Acura, Dodge Brothers, etc., introduced new features of their respective cars and branded themselves in a very unique way with their brand names and logos flashing very evidently at the end of their commercials to also remind viewers about their audacity in the automobile sector. However, none of the commercials portrayed their website address in the commercials.In my list of best picks I would definitely place my bets on three great commercials, which are Peta, Coca-Cola and Colgate. Looking at the three with a PR point of view Peta delivered a message and brand edit self in a very humorous way with a greater touch of sensuality in their commercials. The characteristic of being both humorous and sensual in a commercial will attract viewers and I believe their message of “Go Vegan” will reach to a great number of people.  Coca-Cola on the other hand played with the emotions that the whole brand depicts. Its campaign of expressing stories of different people by connecting sentences together was very influential. Finally the brand concluded the commercial by making a statement “Taste the feeling”. This initiative with the sole purpose of creating a significant public relation by playing with the common emotions of people is admirable. Colgate initiated “Save Water” campaign. The brand linked itself with this initiative by depicting the common man who does his daily chores like brushing his teeth with the faucet open and wasting liters of water everyday. The brand Colgate never pictured its features but created a positive public relation by asking people to shut down the valve of the faucet while doing their daily course, which will inter lead to saving gallons of water for the people, who are deficit of it.  The branding of Dodge Brothers in their commercials was very minimum. Their story line of explaining the brand failed as the salient features of the automobile was never explained in comparison to bigger players like Hyundai and Audi. Similarly Mountain Dew felt a bit weak with their concept of “puppy monkey baby” in front of big player like Coca-Cola.

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