Cholera Times Structured Essay Help

Cholera Times Structured Essay Help

Cholera Times Structured - Introduction

In this Cholera Times Structured Essay Help Cholera is considered as one of the most dangerous disease impacting the mankind since ages. The disease has been so feared in the past decades that many authors’ writers and artist used it as a theme to indicate danger and death in their art work. One the noted work. One the noted work with cholera as back ground theme is “Love in the time of cholera” authored by Mr. Gabriel Gracia Marquez who is a Nobel Prize winner Italian author (Columbus, 1992).The original script of the novel was written in Italian and later it was republished in various languages. Recently a movie was released based on the novel in year 2007. The movie is names as “Love in times of cholera” directed by Mr. Mike Newell. The movie was much liked and accolade in critics circle as one the most contemporary work which contrasted the irony and happiness together the movie provides a contrasting picturisation of sufferings and love at the same time. The movie revolves around three main characters who are involved in love triangle which is developing for 50 years and it also provides a contrasting background of the era in which cholera was spreading in the region killing thousands of people. The report is aiming to provide a review of the themes and characters of the movie and provide a reflection over the sufferings caused on common man because of cholera disease and the hidden love developing instead of the difficult situation it will also attempt to find the correlations between the movie and the actual situation of Colombia (assuming that movie is indicating towards Columbia in its theme) presently as well as during the cholera epidemic era. In second part of the report a brief analysis of one of the causative determinants of the recent cholera outbreak in Haiti will be done along with a critical review of the strategic decision and actions taken by the government and other concerned people of the country (Schellinger, 1998).

Cholera times STRUCTURED ESSAY help

Part 1

Movie “love in the times of cholera” represents a very critical and sad story of the past in which cholera was spreading all over and killing millions of people worldwide. Cholera has been recognized as one of the most deadly and infectious disease of past and even today a lot of people die every year in countries of African continent and Asian subcontinent because of the cholera infection and unavailability of proper medical attention to the patients. Cholera spreads mostly among poor people who are living in filthy and unhygienic places without much arrangement for the safe drinking water and food. Many government and international agencies are still trying to eradicate it from the world. Cholera basically spreads from a bacterium known as vibrio choleri and it attacks the digestive system of the body causing sever diarrhea and vomiting along with dehydration in the patient. Without prompt medical attention this disease can prove seriously fatal for the patient especially for children and old people with low resistance power (Brody, 2000).

  The movie “Love in the time of cholera” is presenting the sufferings of cholera disease on a human as well as on a country in a very powerful way. On the one hand the movie is telling story about a very deep love which exists between Mrs. Florina the lead character of the movie who is wife of Dr. Urbino a doctor of medicine who is doing his best to fight cholera and help the poor in his country. Al though in movie it is never specifically mentioned that the country is Columbia but with the dress up of people’ the times lines and the cultural characteristics it is not difficult to guess the indication. The other character of the movie is Mr. Ariza who is a childhood lover of Mrs. Florina but because of some circumstances they were not able to marry and she married Dr. Urbino Instead.  It is also observed in the movie that It not only reflects the love and romance but it shows a irony of the man that even though cholera is causing so many deaths and sufferings all around it is very difficult to contain the true love just as it is difficult to contain cholera despite all the efforts by Dr. Urbino. The movie has shown a stark contrasting difference between two sides of life where on one side a secret love is being developed over 50 years while on the other side the people are dying because of the lack of medicines and hygienic environment.It is also emphasized in the movie that the level of disease has spread not only to the bodies of the people but it has also affected their minds and souls and they have accepted the disease as a part of their life and given all hopes of ever coming out of the sufferings( Kiple,1995). People were very poor in those parts of the country without having any political’ economic or democratic power and they were ruled by the dictators which was also a suffering which the citizen must bear to live just like a disease in their community. The so called government was also denoted as a patient subtly in the novel and movie which was suffering by the bacteria of corrupt and greedy rulers. There was no hope and sympathy for the common man and they were destroying the whole country as merciless as the disease of cholera destroys a civilization. The movie has also shown that how one man Dr. Urbino was fighting against the disease with all his might and still he was not able to withstand the sheer force of the situation and ultimately dies in his effort. In a subtle way again movie is providing an analogy to the fate of any man or women who is courageous enough to stand against the system and tries to change it.  The entire country was shown as burning and suffocating in its internal problems and will lead to tragic end which is analogues again to the life cycle of a cholera patient which also burns in fever and then ultimately suffocates into death.

However on the positive side the author has attempted to show the power and willfulness of love which rises its head even after 50 years of suppression which indicates that author is giving a hidden message by claiming that even 50 years of suppression could not end a true love then however suppression can be given from the ruthless people who are ruling the country the truth and fairness will rise again and show itself despite all the hatred and diseases in the world (Fahy, 2003)

Part 2

Haiti’s recent cholera outbreak in year 2010-11 is the main topic on which this part of the report will focus.  The author is attempting to identify and analyze one of the main causes of Haiti’s cholera outbreak and then also correlates the future impacts of the strategies and steps taken by the government.  It is a very small country in Caribbean ocean surrounded by ocean from three sides and republic of Dominican on the other side. The economic status of the country is not very healthy and it is struggling to develop its basic public infrastructure.  To make the situation worst the country was hit by a major earthquake in the starting of year 2010 claiming many lives and destroying a lot of existing infrastructure. Following the earthquake the country suffered another blow when a mass outbreak of cholera occurred in the beginning of October 2010. As per the official report the death too has reached approximately to the tune of 6000 and it is also spreading slowly to the neighboring countries making them worried about their citizen’s health (Katz, 2010).

One of the major causative reason of the disease as claimed by the official publication of the Centre for disease control (CDC) of USA is the drainage of waste and sewerage by a UN peacekeeping army base into the river artibonite which is main source of drinking water in the country. The report claimed that Nepalese soldiers who were occupying that camp were suffering from the cholera disease and because of their sewerage mixing in the river it spread to the general population (CDC, 2010)   However the report was contrasted by other agencies like WHO which reported that one the probable cause of the disease spreading is earthquake lead damage to the sewerage lines which mixed drinking water with it causing the outbreak of disease and then it was augmented by the poor living standard and medical facilities of the country. As it is published in many medical books and journal one of the main cause of cholera spreading is contamination of food and water from the feces of the infected person which indicates that whatever may be the reason of outbreak the contamination of water supplies with the sewerage is the common base behind it.  Government of Haiti was not able to fight the outbreak by its own resources and it urged with the international communities and agencies to assist them and in response they were provided with a lot of international aid in form of donations’ clothes’ food and medicines. Health care enterprise like WHO and UN assisted in developing temporary hospitals and relief camps to help the patients. The ironic development in these strategies to fight the calamity was the violent protest by some groups which were encouraged by some politicians to gain political gain for the upcoming elections. The report of CDC was considered as conclusive by the political leaders in the country and they made it the base to demand the removal of peace keeping forces from the country with immediate effect (Zhang Xiang, 2011). This demand if meet by the government would have caused immense negative impact on the socio-economic scenario of the country and would have degraded the image of the country all over the world. It was a very contrasting thing seen in the relief efforts that while the international agencies were educating the people to maintain health safety and environment in their surroundings the local leaders instead of assisting them were diverting people towards a path of violent riots and protest to fulfill their own political agendas. It is also observed in the study of the whole episode that government remain very firm all the time and took appropriate measures to rectify the situation by putting in all resources along with the international agencies and by the mid of year 2011 they were able to contain the disease and lower the number of new infections.


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