Business Center Management Assignment

Business Center Management Assignment

This is a solution of Business Center Management Assignment which discuss Viva Ball center, which is a sport convention that provides football pitches to junior and higher level students.

The Business:

Business Center Management Assignment talks about Viva Ball Centre, which is a sport convention that provides football pitches available for hire for both adults and juniors on an hourly basis and available 17 hours daily 7 days a week, the prices will be between 25-55£ per hour depends on the time slots chosen (higher prices will be in weekends, peak hours).  The centre will provide six 6-a side pitches. The pitches are equal and located outdoor; each pitch is 20m wide and 50m long with an area of 1000 sqm, each pitch is fully equipped with a rubber crumb and synthetic grass and surrounded with a high fence and netting. The centre’s main building will provide high quality facilities from lockers rooms, changing rooms, showers and toilets, bar and food facilities in addition to big screens to watch sports games (Porter, 1998).

Business objectives – short/medium/long term:

Short term objectives:

  • To promote Viva Ball Centre and raise the awareness of our services locally and that is by advertising campaign.
  • As the centre provide a hiring services for the pitches the maximum hours can be hired will be 102 hours per day were this number comes from multiplying the 6 pitches by 17 hours (6*17=102 hours), this number of hours from a first sight can be impossible to reach as there should be gaps in off peak hours . In the short term objectives the management is aiming to rent a minimum of 30 hours per day, in another word 30hours divided by 6 pitches, this will mean the 6 pitches should be fully hired for 5 hours per day, which is a reasonable quantity of hiring hours.
  • As the centre’s main building will have a bar and food facilities the company is aiming to provide some sections in the main building for investment by local bars, restaurant or cafes for a reasonable amount of money. Were the convention in the centre will be an interest from investors because of the facilities the centre provides from big screens to meeting points and from the numbers of visitors, were the number of visitors is estimated for the short term of 600 visitors per day. This figure was calculated as follows: the aimed hiring hours is 30 hours per day and as each pitch will hold 14 people per game, the total numbers of players will be 30*14=420 players per day in addition to visitors who are willing to watch games on the big screens and visitors with players which are estimated by 180 visitors (Mckeever, 2008).
  • To install vending machines that sells beverages, snacks and energy sports drinks
  • To provide a small area in the main building for entertainment purpose and install some games for example: pool, snooker, ball tables and ping pong (Joseph et al, 2005).

 Medium term objectives:

  • Increase the hiring hours to 42 hours per day.
  • Try to use some spaces available in the pitches and in the main building for advertising and contract with interested organisations that related to sports to advertise in the centre for a reasonable amount of money.
  • Launch a small shop in the centre that provides sport gearing and equipment for sale and hiring (for example (balls, uniforms, gloves in addition to the ability to print customer’s names on their preferred shirts)
  • Hold tournaments and competition in the centre and gather players into teams and give up some prizes and cups for the winning teams (Kleiner, 2003).
  • Launch memberships for customers that can provide different features.
  • To apply projectors and big screens in one or two pitches and display football games were people can watch their favourite games for free in special occasions. (Members only)
  • Provide training lessons outside side the peak hours to teach football for juniors by professional coaches.

Long term objectives:

  • Increase the hiring hours to 54 hours a day.
  • To transform or open new pitches that can hold 9 players each side and to apply real grass in some pitches were people may prefer to play on real grass.
  • Expand or transform some pitches to indoor, were this could help increasing hiring hours in bad weather conditions.
  • Expand the centre and open new pitches for different games like basketball, tennis, volleyball and a gym, were the centre can be transformed into a complete sport centre.
  • The use of the latest technologies, that provides satisfactory and enjoyable services.
  • To reach a competitive position locally.
  • Find opportunities to open new branches in other cities.

The business partnership in any business can be made by two or more people.  They share the profit equally form the business operation and has equal liability in term of loss. The agreement is made for long term (Joseph et al, 2005).  All the partners have the equal rights for decision making and can break the partnership at any time in the event of any serious dispute.  Any partner in the business can break this partnership agreement by giving the notice to all other partners. The partnership is also dissolves when the partner dies.

General partnership

Two or more people are the co- owners of the business for sharing profit. They have the equal rights in the business (Kleiner, 2003). All the partners are responsible for liability and debt of partnership business. For tax purposes, partnerships enjoy single taxation. Income is reported as part of each partner's personal income.

The type of partnership is best suited to our proposed business is general where all the partners has the equal rights and the same place the equal sharing of profit and liability. This is helps us in securing more funds and can use the expertise of all the partners in best interest to the proposed business. The proposed business of VIVA Ball Centre requires more funds, so this is the best suited for initiating the business (Mckeever, 2008).


Each partner has some expertise in any area of business that will contribute to develop the business. The main advantages of the partnership are they can raise more funds as compare to the sole trader and can has more resource access.  They have more chances of getting more finance from other financial institutions like banks and other organization. Operation of business will be smooth in case of any absence or holiday of any partner. The partnership business has more skilled and expertise business operators as they have different knowledge, experience and skills. Business has more creative ideas with dedicated partners (Porter, 1998).


  • All the business partners are liable for any action by any partner as in case of loss or any liability.
  • How to determine the share of profit or loss and how to value the skills and time of the partners.
  • Partnership has limited life, it can be withdrawn on any time or in case of death.
  • Any decision has to be made with all partners will. The time of taking decision is more because of negotiation among the partners.

The Market

Football known as the most popular game of all time everywhere in the world, in the UK particularly the game is very popular alongside some other games like cricket and rugby, but what favours football than other games  that there is many type of pitches from 5 a side pitch to 6 a side pitch to a full sized pitch which is still the football pitch is smaller than the cricket and rugby pitches, which gives the football a priority and popularity that everyone can play it, and to some extend less injures occurs during the game. Football as game increases the participation in society’s key challenges for example education, health, equalities and social inclusion (Kleiner, 2003).

In England there is more than 19761 pitches according to pitchfinder, 2001 , in Bournemouth there are around 43 pitches, where it is less than an average number compering by other cities have the same space that Bournemouth has, however most of them are either pitches inside schools or parks where the pitches available in one size which is the 11 a side pitch (McKeever, 2010). Another barrier is the public can’t book it anytime and the duration of the game might be short because of other people have booked it so the pitch has to be cleared or the school or park have a limited working hours, consequently during the peak hours it wouldn’t be easy to find a pitch. Therefore Bournemouth city council has developed a business strategy to build more football pitches where approximately 76% of the sport pitches in Bournemouth are provided by the city council. (pitchfinder, 2011)

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Football players can play on any type of surfaces it could be grass or wood or rubber, the type of surfaces it is a very important aspect because it has it effects on the how smooth and how fast the ball going to be on the surfaces. A rubber or wood surfaces gets affected by rain so it become slippery and risky to play on it therefore it used on indoor pitches. In viva football centre high quality surfaces encourage the players to play on it,    rubber crumb, synthetic grass will be used in all our pitches where this type of surfaces copes with all weather conditions either it is snowing or raining players can play until the final whistle (Mckeever, 2008).

The completion in the football pitches market in. There are quite few competitors in Bournemouth in terms of offering high quality football pitches to rent on hourly bases. In the competition analysis part SOWT analysis tool will be used to identify the difference as well as the strength between our competitors in the market. Considering that the competitors are the leisure centres and public parks are our competitors, apart from them schools offer pitch hire but a minority of schools dose mostly in the weekends, therefore it will not be considered as a competitor (Porter, 1998).

Leisure centres and parks pitches will be analysed separately:

Leisure centres
·         They already known in the market as well as they have their loyal customers. ·         Some of the leisure centres have an ideal location.·         A booking has to be made by phone, no online booking service on all leisure centres located in Bournemouth. ·         The majority of the leisure centres offers limited number of pitches. ·         The players are not insured while playing.
Public Parks
·         It is free, so anyone enter the park and paly. ·         Most of the parks have an ideal location, where mostly they are located in the heart of the residential area.·         As it is free of charge service, which raises the possibility of being booked all the time. ·         Most of the parks have not got either changing rooms or floodlights. ·         The players are not insured while playing.
Viva Football Centre
·         Operating 24/7. ·         Reasonable prices. ·         Online booking on the website. ·         High quality surfaces. ·         A health insurance is provided as chargeable service offered to the players and cover them form any health issues could occurs will playing in our pitches.·         The management have no such experience in this field.  
·         Opening a new branch in Hampshire or other counties that has a good return of investing. ·         Upgrading the centre by launching 24/7 gym. ·         Adding basketball pitches.·         It might take quite long time to get the customers attention. ·         The idea could be copied by a competitor. ·

Details of the Business Operations

Location and premises

Bournemouth city was chosen to be the main site of the (VIVA Ball Canter) because it has many advantages, which make it one of the best sites in England to help the beginning of this project. However, the population of the city was 163 444 people in 2001. (Directgov, n.d.)

Furthermore, the privileged geographical location of Bournemouth in the south led the city to be a tourist destination because it has beautiful beaches and a very nice city centre also the mild temperatures in the summer and less cold than the middle and the north of the United Kingdom in the winter. [Read about Reinvention Research Essay Help]

One of the important things, the city was selected as the happiest city in the United Kingdom by 82 per cent of the population is happy by their life in Bournemouth relying on (firstdirect, 2010) another advantage of chosen Bournemouth city as main place of the project because it contain a large number of universities, colleges, institutes and schools this is in the interest of the project because the target group aged of the project is between 12 to 45 years old and these educational sites include a large percentage of these categories (McKeever, 2010).

The estimated land space needed for this project is 2 acers, (2 acre = 8 093.712 844 8 square meter) our research indicates that the price of the land at this space in Poole estimated as £310,000. In Dorset is slightly higher than other counties in The uk (Find property, 2010).


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