Big Data Assignment

Big Data Assignment

This Big Data Assignment report described optimized methods for collection of data, use of big data tool in health care industry and role of big data in solving problems.


Present age is considered as information enabled wherein information pertaining to particular subject is available through different sources.This information is being used by the decision makers in order to making decision regarding particular situation. Role of data analysis tools becomes important when there is high amount of information available pertaining to particular area. Decision making tool would help in analyzing available information so that decision makers can easily reach to the solution which they are desire to attain.The aim of present essay is to look into the role of increasing information and data analysis tools so as to present the proper trends in data (Hamish, 2013). Role of Big Data would be analyzed in order to resolve problems faced in present world.A view of the solutionism term would be considered which suggests that higher amount of data enables the ability to resolve issues pertaining to particular context.Present essay would be based on the health industry and related issues so that data collection and analysis can be based on the problems faced in the health industry by several organizations involved into health sector.

big data assignment

Role of Big Data in solving problems

Big data is the blanket terminology used in order to collect high amount of data pertaining to particular field and the volume of data would be such that it can’t be practically managed by the traditional data processing tools deployed in organizational contexts.There would be several issues faced with high data and traditional tools such as capturing the data, searching the data, storage of data and most importantly analysis of data.Traditional tools would not be able to provide the proper analysis reflect by particular data set and entire purpose for collecting data would fail in that case.

Health care industry is one of the vital enabling elements for world economies and there is requirement of high amount of data in order to resolve issues pertaining to the specific problems encountered in health care (Darwin & Iron, 2013).There are basically three aims for which requirement of Big Data can be emphasized in case of health care industry and these three aims would include improvement in healthcare status, improvement in care for the patients and reduction in cost of the analysis pertaining to data collected in healthcare industry.Health care practices and policies around the world differ a lot from other countries and the three issues are vital around the world in health care industry.Patient experience pertaining to healthcare department need to be improved as quality of care and satisfaction gained by the patient from their treatment would need to be enhanced.The first aim of big data would be to improve quality by collecting higher data and analyzing the same pertaining to specific problems.Similarly patient need to be provided with specific information in their illness and treated with higher expertise so that they are having the higher level of satisfaction with services provided to them.

big data assignment

Deployment of big data in health care industry would also improve the overall health status of population at large as higher amount of data would be able to understand the major issues faced by most of the population and reason for such issues. Further possible solutions can also be developed by collecting of large amount of data pertaining to the patients. At present large number of patients belongs to lower income range and income can be considered as one of the key issues in availing health care services (Graham, 2012). Despite of several efforts from national and international organizations to provide the financial aid to these people there is issues for availing health care services due to high cost of health care. Development of the big data in field of healthcare would allow reduction in per capital health care cost allowing large number of lower income people to avail health care services.

The three objectives for health care industry can be attained by deploying “Big Data” but there need to have implementation of several aspects which would change the field of healthcare and three major areas requiring change for accommodating objectives of healthcare would include promise for value based health care system, tracking higher number of aspects for health care and finally to have higher patient engagement in order to make them active consumers.The major reason for requirement of Big Data in healthcare industry is that in healthcare more than 80% of the data in unstructured and can’t be used for decision making towards the issues faced in health care industry.

The data is collecting in different sections in health care industry such as EMR, physical notes, labs, imaging systems, CRM systems and finance system as well.It is important that this data need to be properly factored and used for clinical data analysis so that data can get significant value and helps in decision making pertaining to particular aspects of healthcare domain in the organizational context.Health care organizations have their aim to implement Big Data tool by collecting higher amount of information pertaining to a patient so that complete care can be extended to the patient.Successful implementation of Big Data in field of health care would allow accomplishing three major aims which are development of sustainable health care system, improvement in care and increasing access to the healthcare system for people at large.

Health care industry worldwide is facing pressure due to increase in cost for healthcare and to manage resources with high efficiency.There are several aspects due to which there is transformation in health care industry and these factors are pushing access for health care industry, increasing number of chronic diseases and mobile technology etc.Several health organizations have implemented the big data enabled health analytics tools in order to understand the patient and their issues faced. Premier health care alliance has been developed with IBM in order to develop a sustainable health care system wherein high efficiency would be gained in resource utilization.

With higher degree of personalization and customer engagement in health care industry it is imperative to enhance the care quality given to patients.With higher regulatory policies it has become important for the health organizations to understand risk pertaining to the patients and manage these risks for improving overall degree of quality of car extended to the patients. For example Premier has developed a warehouse in order to collect information pertaining to patient from more than 86000 health care service providers in order to improve upon the quality of health care system.High numbers of patients are facing chronic disease such as diabetes & heart failure and these patients are not able to gain access to health care services due to high cost. Big data has the tendency to resolve issue of high cost and provide access to health care for patients (Lampitt, 2013).

Big dat are several capabilities which Big Data can manage in order to provide solution pertaining to specific problems pertaining to the area of health care industry and these capabilities would include hadoop system, stream computing, management of content, integration for information and data management & warehouse. The first capability for Big Data tools is to manage the data and store the same in warehouses. There would be lower requirement for storage of data and cost for data storage would also be reduced by deploying Big Data in healthcare domain. Work load optimization can be done and cost of analytics would improve in the health care domain by implementation of tools such as Big Data.

Power of Apache Handoop can be given with the help of Big Data wherein capabilities such as security features, accelerators, analysis techniques and performance evaluation can be managed with the Big Data tools.Real time decisions to be taken in organizational context can be supported through stream computing techniques wherein real time analytics tools can be deployed in the organizational context.Stream computing techniques deployed in the health care data analysis domain would allow health care organizations to store lesser amount of data and get better analysis from the available data so as to have efficient decision making process in organizational context (Jason, 2013).

Comprehensive content management and documentation management process can be implemented with the help of Big Data tools in organization.There is ever evolving content in the field of health care and this content need management tools which are exclusively designed in order to cater the healthcare industry.Development of content management tools would help in improvement of the security, stability and scale of health care services provided to the patient by various health care organizations pertaining to marketplace (Hill, 2013).It is important that information which is collected in the healthcare organization through several sources gets integrated with other department.Integration of information collected from different department would help in collecting lesser information and making better decision with available information only.In addition to the collection of data and analysis pertaining to the particular information better information governance can be established through implementation of tools such as Big Data.Data governance is of prime importance for the health care industry in current age wherein there are issues faced pertaining to security of data in health care and misuse of data.Big Data would ensure the application of several data governance tools so that data is properly managed in health organizations and no legal consequences are faced by health care organization with loop holes in data management practices.There are five major developments which have been done by Big Data pertaining to healthcare domain and these developments include getting a 360 degree view of patient, developing security systems, maintaining operational analysis tools, exploration for big data and modernization techniques implementation for warehouses of data through Big Data platform (Harford, 2014).Hence overall Big Data would change the health care domain in order to resolve various critical issues which are faced in the industry such as access for primary health care, lower costing and higher resource efficiency.


Present essay has helped in order to understand the importance of increasing information with special reference to healthcare domain.Application of data collection, storage and analysis tool named Big Data has been analyzed in the present context.Big Data tool would be helpful for health care industry wherein three major aims need to be achieved by implementing Big Data in organizational context and these aims are to provide access to health care service, to lower down cost of health care services and to enhance organizational efficiency for health care organizations. Hence Big Data has capability to resolve the issues faced in health care domain by properly managing and analyzing data so that decision making can be strengthened.


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