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Nursing Management is the process of managing nurses and different staff members in hospitals to make the process of nursing more sophisticated. This is one of the most prominent management tools available with a nursing manager. With the help of this tool he will be able to add stars to the process of nursing. This process of management comprises controlling and supervising of staffs, nurses and nursing goods. Depending upon the situation, the roles played by the nursing manager can be different. The different roles played by the manager can be chief nursing director, nursing director, nurse manager and nurse in charge. In the next few lines I am going to explain these roles in a detail.

  • Chief Nursing Director: A chief nursing director is the nurse who is the head of all the ongoing nursing activities. The main task performed by the chief nursing director is the supervision of subordinate nurses. In this process, the main idea is to focus on the works done by the subordinate nurses and to keep a close view on their work.
  • Nursing Director: There are many similarities among the jobs of a chief nursing director and a nursing director. The main task of a nursing director is to supervise the nursing process of patients. The nursing director takes care of the fact that there should be no ill treatment of any patient.
  • Nurse Manager: A nurse manager is responsible for carrying out the process of nursing pertaining to a unit. The main task of the nurse manager is to keep a record of all the nursing activities like expenditure of materials, staff time table and many other nursing related issues.
  • Nurse In charge: A nurse in charge is a nurse who takes care of the nursing activities of a patient or a group of patients. The main task performed by the nurse in charge is to monitor the nursing issues pertaining to a patient.

The designations that I have mentioned here form the basis of nursing management. Nursing will not be at the best without these key people.

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