Mental Health Nursing

Mental health nursing is basically the form of nursing that helps to cure a person suffering from mental illness. It is one of the most important sub branches of nursing. The main fascinating fact about this discipline is that this is the only branch of nursing that works to improve the overall standard of a society. The thing that I want to mention in this article is that there are certain techniques through which a nurse is able to detect the mental health of a person. Nursing practices are applied only after studying the mental conditions of the person. Here I am going to mention some of the most basic situations that a nurse analyzes to predict the mental health of a person.

  • Sleeping Assessment: In this form of assessment, a nurse analyzes the sleeping behavior of a person. The main thing that they want to know is that whether the person is taking enough hours of sleep or not.
  • Communication Assessment: As we all know that communication is one of the best methods available for through analysis of a person. So, in this form of assessment the main analyzing factor is that whether there is any difficulty faced by the person in communicating with others.
  • Diet Assessment: Through this assessment a nurse wants to know that whether a person is taking the right amount of nutrition in his diet or not. Depending on this factor they are able to analyze the actual mind state of the person.
  • Relationships Assessment: In this type of assessment, the main factor that is considered is the relationships factor. In this, a nurse analyzes different relationships factors such as relationships with family, society and friends to predict the overall mental state of a human being.
  • Decision Making Assessment: In this assessment, a nurse analyzes the decision making ability of the person to predict his mental state. Necessary actions are taken thereafter to carry out the process of mental health nursing.

There are many more analyzing factors that a nurse takes into consideration while performing the task of mental nursing. I will try to update this article with all the detailed information as soon as possible.

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