How Can You Improve Performance and Productivity

Do you have learned about how manager to leader can improve performance and productivity of the employee or team member? There are various methods or techniques that can be used to improve performance and productivity of the employees of the organisation and the areas under:

How Can You Improve Your Performance and Productivity

Motivation – Motivation is the process of backing employee and promoting them to deliver best in terms of their performance. During the course I have learned how to motivate team members in order to improve their performance and productivity. Motivation can be implemented in the business organisation under different implementation styles. Motivating other is the core competency that leader shall possess.

Emotional Intelligence- During the course I have learned about how to manage emotion of self and team. I have learned about capabilities of emotional intelligence and how to apply it on team members. Emotional intelligence enables me to understand emotions of team members and how to build strong relationship with team members. Emotional Intelligence enables self management, self-awareness and to become socially aware.

Effective Communication- Another measure that leader or manager can use for improving performance and productivity of the human resource is establishing effective communication channels between manager and employee or team members. Both formal and informal communication channels shall be established for effective communication.

Team Work- Another key point that I have learned, is of effective team working and team building. Leader or manager can build team for the effective working. It has been noted that individual strength sometimes may get week but strength of team is effective. Collective affords and collective thinking of the team in the organisation can improve performance and productivity of the team as a whole. It can be applied in organisation with the help of leader i.e. leader is the person that manages and builds team for effective working.