Health Care Management Assignment

This is a  solution of health care management assignment which discuss the important issues related to health care management like HIV, tooth related issues, malnutrition in children

Health Care Management Assignment

With increasing dependency of humans on machines and constant evolution of other life threatening disease, health and its management has become a concern in every nation. With health awareness camps, free medication and treatments, the governments across globe are striving to keep their people in good health. With regards to United Kingdom, public funded health care systems have been playing an active role in treatment and healthcare of residents or non residents to the United Kingdom. These public funded healthcare systems are formally known as National Health Service, each of the system here is accountable and responsible to its respective government. Times are changing and so are the habits and wants of people, these habits and wants invite diseases which are of serious threat to the well being. The society is more of inclined towards the hectic work culture and demanding lives, and hence ignoring the physical and mental health.

 Since its inception, NHS has strived for major health concerns and worked upon issues which were researched to be of more than harmful. With Children getting increasingly dependent on junk food which is minimizing the intake of nutritional food, child obesity is becoming a widespread and threatening disease among children. Other factors which are responsible for an upwards trend of this disease are, sedentary lifestyle, home environment and genetic disorder. An obese child is open to many diseases like, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems which tend to get more severe with age. Children are the building blocks of any nation; an unhealthy kid will ultimately be a burden on the nation, so due importance should be given to it. Bad lifestyle has been seen as the major cause of obesity, with reduction in outdoor activities and increased time being spent on Laptops and play stations, there is almost no physical activity with regards to children. An obese child feels inactive all throughout day and is not able to concentrate on his studies as well. NHS constantly updates its websites with the most recent medical problems and there preventions, under the head health news. This faulty lifestyle can be altered by due attention of the parents, increased intake of nutritious food and good amount of physical activity. NHS should make every effort to educate the parents through what ever source possible. Internet has been seen as the most widespread source of information. But yes, one might not be that frequent on internet, so NHS should definitely run campaigns across cities to educate parents and some basic knowledge can also be provided to children.

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 Another issue related with bad eating habits is tooth decay, be it be children or elders, tooth decay has been seen to imbibe all. It is seen as a major and common problem in all age groups. Tooth decay means the gradual infection of tooth which eventually leads to fall of the whole enamel structure of the tooth. Amongst children the general cause is the non cleanliness of the teeth region while in elders, tobacco is seen as the major cause. Increased intake of soft drinks by the youth is extremely hazardous for teeth as they gradually tend to decay the tooth and finally fall. With increasing professional life of parents, children are somehow neglected and hence are not strict on the rule of brushing teeth twice a day. Whereas elders who are addicted to chewing tobacco and such aliments, continue the use of same and hence fall prey to before time tooth decay. Constant warnings on tobacco packets have made not much difference to the tobacco chewing population. Immediate attention is required because once affected the bacteria travels at a very fast speed and hence spoiling other tooth.

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Due to negligence people are falling prey to tooth decay at a very fast speed, which seriously needs to be checked upon. NHS should definitely take this issue on a serious basis and guide people on proper preventive measures of the same. It is the sole duty and responsibility of such systems to direct the behaviour of its people in right direction and keep them educated about right preventive measures.

 In this era, when nothing is beyond reach of anyone, it would be good on part of NHS to keep people informed about the alternate therapies which can help them revive from illness. With a number of alternative therapies available, NHS should guide people about the benefits that can be incurred upon the use of the therapy. Alternative therapies include; Yoga, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Acupressure, Acupuncture, etc. The list is endless and many more forms of alternative therapies exist. Each therapy has its own advantages and benefits while, yoga is the union of mind soul and, hence complete purification of all body systems, it is considered as a preventive measure and not curative. Homeopathy, naturopathy and ayurveda are alternative medicine therapies which involve the use of highly diluted liquids, holistic treatment and medicinal herbs respectively to cure the disease. NHS should strive for public centres for such therapies which are easily accessible to general public. Though not in case of emergencies, but in case of long term diseases alternative therapies have shown miraculous results.  Once an individual is known to all these forms of therapies, he can choose the one which will best support the cure of his illness. All these alternative therapies have historical foundations and hence are based on laws and principles which have been concluded after rigorous experimentation. A well informed public can consult alternative therapies if other medicinal treatments are not going well in pace. These therapies have known to work very well in situations where the medicinal systems failed to provide desirable results. NHS should adapt to changing environments and needs of the people, with time people will equally value alternative systems as they value the medicinal system. It is the healthcare system of the country which can help the promotion of such therapies. A trust that people develop on the healthcare system of the country can be used to introduce such therapies and hence help people to be out of diseases.

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 Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) has been a big word in recent times; here gradually the immune system of the individual begins to fall. A much needed attention is required here because once detected positive to HIV, the individual suffers not only physically but socially too. The social aspect here refers to ill behaviour of the society and discrimination on certain grounds. The major reasons detected for HIV are, unprotected sexual activity, blood transfusion, mother to baby. An HIV infected person, who is unknown of his infection might transfer it someone else by unprotected sex or needle sharing. This shows the importance of HIV testing; one infected person is a serious threat to the society if not taken care of. Though HIV, comes with certain symptoms but it is difficult to asses it only on the basis of symptoms, this makes HIV testing essential. Early testing of HIV also increases the chances of treatment being successful. These reasons make, HIV test important because and undiagnosed infected person is very much harmful for other people of the society. Easily locatable test centres should be provided and subsequent treatments if the person is found infected with HIV. The tedious treatment of HIV makes its early diagnosis essential. NHS should constantly educate, especially the youth about safe sex practises and implications involved with blood transfusion. Knowledge about HIV and its test should essentially be spread amongst people.

Recently health has been gaining importance, because more number of people being getting diseased and running towards treatments. National Health Service has to play a major role here and definitely has to adapt itself to the needs of today’s health issue. Health issues change with the kind of lifestyle adapted and with increasing competition and desires; people are ignoring health issues and are falling prey to numerous diseases. The government essentially has to come in here and take care of its people, by imbibing the latest health issues and there respective prevention and treatments. NHS should focus on child obesity, tooth decay, alternative therapies and compulsory HIV testing. As can be seen from the nature of these recommendations, it can be easily interpreted that these hamper the youth of the country and hence development. NHS should continuously look for and adapt new measures to cope with the changing environment and lifestyles.

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