Fayol Principles of Management in J. W. Marriott: Management Theory Assignment Help

Fayol’s Principles 

Marriot Hotels, Australia is also following Fayol’s principles in a generalised manner all though there strict applicability and perfect alignment is not present. There are 14 principles of Fayol described as follows:-


(1) Division of work:- this is the first principle developed by Fayol. According to this principle management needs to divide the work among employees and define who would be responsible for which type of work. Like every organisation Marriot hotels, Australia also have a properly formed and structured hierarchy and there are well defined departments within the organisation like finances, HR and personnel management, marketing and sales, operations and business process, supply chain management, maintenance department and production planning department. There are various levels of employees present in the organisation and each employee is answerable to the senior level employee of the hierarchy. Each department is headed by its Head of the department and their role is generally restricted to the monitoring and supervision of the activities of other employees of the department.

(2) Delegation of Authority:- In Marriott different levels of employees and managers have different type of authorities and decision making capacity. A department head or a senior manager would have the decision making capacity of higher level and he can take decisions which might impact the working style or effectiveness of entire department. Similarly a country head would be having authority over business of entire country. Marriot Australia is following this principle of foyle.

(3) Discipline:- discipline is maintained by the organisation at all level of work process like number of working hours put in by each employee, conduct of employee towards other employees both males and females should be of highest standards and without any bias. There are many offences which are considered as zero tolerance offences like sexual harassment of an employee, corruption, racial discrimination etc on which Marriot takes very stern actions.

(4) Chain of commands:-Marriot have a hierarchy in its structure and chain of commands is top down where orders are dropped from upper level of employees to lower level of employees with a option of getting feedback in a constructive manner.

(5) Congenial workplace:- work place is congenial in nature and there is a general pleasantness in all work centres making them fit for working for all types of employees. Males, females, late adults, physically challenged employees etc. Marriot has designed itself in such manner that it is easily accessible for all type of employees.

(6) Interrelation between individual interests and common organisational goals:- In long term strategies and goals it is ensured that both organisation and employees are aligned with each other in Marriot, their personal growth and performance is linked with organisational growth and performance.

(7) Compensation package:- salaries and other perks are given to each employee according to their agreement.

(8) Centralisation:- head office of Marriot International in USA is the primary head quarter where major decisions are taken. Further country offices and other offices are delegated power thus power is de centralised as per need.

(9) Scalar chains:- Not fully Applicable in case of Marriot

(10) Order:- along with discipline in work a particular order of work is followed which is logical in nature and attains goals and objectives properly.

(11) Equity:- It is a listed company with many share holders thus they all have equity in this organisation.

(12) Job Guarantee:- job guarantee is associated with the performance, working ability and serving job roles satisfactorily.

(13) Initiatives:- new projects, new hotels, purchase of properties and their developments are all part of the initiatives taken by organisation. Change in HR policies, hiring etc all initiatives taken by organisation on a regular basis.

(14) Team-Spirit or Esprit de corps:- entire department works as a team to achieve departmental goals, further all departments collectively achieve the goals set by a particular unit and then units belonging to a country collectively fulfil the country level organisational goals as a team.

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