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Corporate Finance as the name suggests forms the basis of any corporation. It is one of the most important disciplines of finance. Corporate finance is nothing but the most important tools that can help in managing the financial transactions of an organization. In short, we can say that corporate finance is the department within an organization whose main aim is to manage the financial relationships of an organization. In this article, I am going to underline the different characteristics features of corporate finance.  Some of the most important features of corporate finance are as follows:

  • Helps in Raising the Financial Activity: It is one of the most important characteristics of corporate finance. The different methods available in this discipline of finance help in raising the financial activity of an organization. Judicious management of finance funds helps in boosting the market status of an organization.
  • Helps in achieving the goals: Corporate finance apart from increasing the financial activity of an organization also helps the organization in achieving its goals. The goals related to an organization like maximum profit, future success and market credibility are achieved successfully through this discipline of finance.
  • Relationships with other departments: Corporate finance is the only department inside an organization that has a closer link with other departments within the organization. In an organization we can see that corporate finance is closely linked with departments like human resources, management and marketing. The interlinking of these different departments helps in increasing the market credibility of a corporation.
  • Helps in Management of Business: As we all know that the main reason behind failure of a business is the lack of management factor. Corporate finance due to its different characteristics helps in proper management of business.

There are many more important features of corporate finance which help to increase the overall credibility of an organization. In this article, I have listed some of the most important features of corporate finance which are responsible for proper success of an organization. I will try to cover all the other important features in the next articles.

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