Copyright Law Assignment Help


Works which are protected under the copyright laws

The copyright law gives protection to the original work of the owner, which is in the tangible form. The works which are included under the copyright law are:

  1. Literary work
  2. Musical work
  3. Artistic work
  4. Cinematograph films
  5. Sound recording
  6. Dramatic works
  7. Architectural works.

Copyright Law Assignment Help

Literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works

The work literary, dramatics artistic and musical works must be original. There is no specific definition of the original, but it is necessary that presentation and material form is different and other no existence of the work of the owner. The original work of the owner is the involvement of the skill, labor and knowledge which has to be fulfilled by the author for taking the copyright protection. The work has not been stolen by any other person. Literary work includes the tables, computer software’s. Computer programs, etc. it covers the work which is expressed in writing or printing format does not matter whether the quality or style is low or high. In literary, dramatic, musical and artistic work, the time period of protection of copyright is the lifetime of the author from the beginning of the calendar year.

Adaptations of literary work are that in which the original work is converted into the dramatic work. It can be adapted by performing in the public or made reproduction in the newspapers and magazines etc.

The abridgement is the kind of digest in which literary work is reproduced in a concise way.

The catalogue is that in which the trader sold their product as according to the list of the product which is mentioned in the catalogue.

Examination papers: Copyright also exists in the examination paper in which the person who sets the original question paper with his labor, skill, and also gives the precious time, then he has also right to take the copyright on the set of question paper.

Court Judgments and court order of the judicial authority are not protected by the copyright; a person can publish them unless they are prohibited by any judge.

Translation is also under the protection of the copyright. It is the reproduction of the books, any documents, speeches which cannot be understood by the person. Then language is changed from one to another through which people can understand the language which is written or spoken in the book or in the speech. Translation can be protected because it is the original work of the owner by making a translation of the language of the works.

Dramatic works

The copyright gives protection to the dramatic work which is adapted through the recitation, through dumb show, or through any choreographic films. When any person produces the drama then it also involves  his time, resources, ability, knowledge so he has also right to take the protection of the copyright on his original work.

Musical works

Musical work involves the music, notation and other work, but it does not include the song which is sung by the singer or any person performed on the song. Any person who composed the song and music and sung by him, then he has the right to claim for the copyright protection.

Artistic works

Artistic works are the sculpture, drawing, map, charts; architectural works, etc. The owner of the original work gets the protection over the original work. Painting is the art which is filled with the colors.

Cinematograph films

It is the work which includes the cinematograph films and sound recording, etc. The producer of the film has the right to get protection of copyright for the sixty year from the beginning of the calendar year.