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Consumer law is the legislation which helps in protecting the consumer interest. Any person who is exploited by any person or firm then person has the power to file suit against the person under the consumer protection law. The individual complaint is heard by the court and dealt with the case and then it settles the dispute of the party.  Consumers are protected by the laws and regulation which are designed for protection of the consumer right, fair trade, competition in the market. This law helps in preventing the unfair trade in the market by the business which is also engaged in the fraud and other unfair trade practices. This legislation also helps in protecting the vulnerable people in the society. Consumer protection laws are established by the form of government regulation with the objective to give protection to the people of the country.

Consumer Law Assignment Help

Consumer protection is mainly linked with the rights of consumer and establishing the organization which helps in protecting the interest of the consumer and helps in choosing the best market place from where they buy the product and also help in dealing with the consumer complaint. There are various organizations which deal with the consumer protection in which there are various government organizations and other self- regulating business organizations for instance Ombudsmen, Better Business Bureaus etc.

Consumer is the person who is buying the goods and services from the business and consumer interest is protected by the legislation and it also helps in promoting the competition in the market which directly or indirectly helps the consumers. This legislation is designed for prohibiting the consumer exploitation which is done by the seller by providing misguiding information.

Under this legislation, there are six rights which are available to the consumer.

  1. Right to Choice

Consumers have the right to choose the product of their own choice.  They are provided with a large variety of products which are available for the consumer in the marketplace. There are various substitutes available which are also used by the consumer. No manufacturer can impose the goods upon him against his wish.

  1. Right to Consumer Education

People have the right of consumer education in which they are educated and know about their various rights.

  1. Right to Safety

Consumer has the right to safety in which they have right to protect from any defective goods which is hazardous for the life of the consumer and his property.

  1. Right to be Heard

Consumers have the right to file the suit against the business which exploits them or providing the good which is not in good quality.

  1. Right to Redress

They have right to redress the complaint in the forums.

  1. Right to Information

Consumer has the right to information about the product quality, quantity and price of the good. If any business does not provide the information about the good quality, quantity, ingredients, then he has the right to file suit against the business.

Consumer protection law helps in regulating the business which sells the goods to the consumer and consumer relationship.  It covers the variety of topics which are necessary for the individual. But it is not limited to the product liability, unfair business, fraud, misrepresentation, privacy rights.

The consumers law in the different country.


In Germany, the minister of the federal cabinet is held responsible for protecting the consumer interests and rights. When any statutory warning is published about the goods and services then issuing authority has to take in to account and protect the economic liberty.


In Australia, the Australian competition and consumer commission is the corresponding agencies.  The Australian securities and investment commissions are held responsible for protecting the consumer interest in related to the services of the product.


In India, there is consumer protection act of 1986 which helps in protecting the consumer interest. There are separate consumer dispute redressal forums established throughout India. It deals with the consumer complaint against the business for exploiting the consumer, fraud, misrepresentation etc.


There have been five books published which contains the civil code in Taiwan which covers the general principles, obligations, rights over the things, family. Second book covers the code, obligation of book etc. consumer protection law in Taiwan has been effective from the 13 January 1994 which helps in protecting the interest of the consumers and provides safety for the product and services which are used by them.

United Kingdom

It is the member state of the European Union which is bound to follow the directives of the consumer protection directives which is stated in the European Union. Consumer protection complaints are deal by the Director- General of fair trade.  The office of fair trading making investigation and imposed the injunction. Consumer cannot directly file the complaint to the office of fair trading.  First complaint has to be made to the advice consumer services that will provide the legal advice to the complainants.  In United Kingdom office of fair trading acts as a watchdog over the competition in the market.

United States

There are various laws which are used at the state level and federal level for regulating the consumer issues. Some of them are Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Truth in Lending Act, Fair credit Billing Act. All the states have their own departments which deal with the consumer complaints and issues which are used for protecting the consumer interest like California department of consumer affairs in California which handle the complaint of the consumer.  Federal Trade Commission, consumer financial protection bureau, and U.S department of justice also enforce the federal consumer protection laws.

Consumer Law Assignment Help

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