Communication Strategy to Resolve Conflict in the Work Environment: HRM Case Research

Conflicts in a work place among employees are a very common phenomenon and it is observed that every organisation experiences some form of conflict among its employees. According to some experts having a healthy level of conflicts is good for the organisations growth and efficiency but it would impact the organisation in a very negative manner if conflicts go beyond the level of tolerance and reduce the efficiency of employees. 

There are various mechanisms through which an organisation attempts to manage conflicts like placing a conflict resolution system in place, declaring areas which are of zero tolerance and keeping a good communication strategy in place. In this essay we would be discussing development of a robust communication strategy which can be employed by an organisation to manage conflicts between its employees. These conflicts are rising because of issues like, conflicting dialectics within the organisation, diversity issues inherent in the organisation, discrimination issues and power issues. To develop this communication strategy for organisation a detailed analysis of the problems and challenges associated with organisation, its structural issues, work culture, ethical and legal practices and working relationships between employees. Essentially a critical analysis of the work environment would be needed before making a final decision on the communication strategy for the organisation.

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Organisation selected for this essay is J.W. Marriot hotels Pty. ltd. It is an Australian subsidiary of global organisation J.W. Marriot which is a global hotel industry giant. They have presence in more than 73 countries and an annual turnover of 12 billion dollars. Having establishment in more than 73 countries means employees with different cultures, languages, dialects and ethical understanding working in same organisation and because of global nature of organisation many employees tend to move from one country to another on a regular basis. Current J.W. Marriot gives employment to 120000 employees round the world and Australia itself has approximately 5000 employees working for J.W. Marriot. When a large number of employees are working in a service oriented organisation it is very important that organisation should have a firm and effective HR practices in place for conflict resolution including communication strategy.

Communication strategy which is proposed for the organisation can be made effective only after conducting a macro and micro environmental analysis of the organisation. PEST analysis, Fayol’s principle based analysis and general environment assessments are primary tool which can be employed to assess the effectiveness of the organisation. General environment of J.W. Marriot established in Australia is of high level of efficiency and professionalism. They are very particular about the comfort and pleasure of their guests and they are ready to serve them with extreme efficiency. In general behaviour and activities of each employee of Marriott can be observed that they are committed towards a single point goal of increasing the brand value and brand image of their employer organisation. Organisation’s top management follows a dual approach of remaining firm and flexible at the same time. When it comes to organisational operations and business development organisation is very firm with the employees and take no concern of the personal conflicts and issues as a reason for lower standards of performance, however organisation is very generous in managing the requirements of the employees and resolving their conflicts, compensation mechanism is also developed keeping the employee’s need and cost of living index in consideration. Marriot’s management is very particular and give no lee way to the employees to compromise on fronts like behavioural issues, harassment of other employees in any form, financial irregularities and not being able to deliver the job duties in a efficient manner. However if we look at the other side then compensation structure, work environment, fairness in policy, proper number of holidays and additional benefits to its employees are also take care by the management. As an employer Marriot also ensure that their employees are contended with the techniques employed by the organisation. General environment of the work place can be stated as an environment which is highly conducive for business growth and providing a serene and calm environment to its clients with a pleasurable staying experience with a highest standard of productivity for its employees.

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