This unit is assessed through a number of forms of evidence, as follows:

  • Completion of written questions
  • Completion of project activities.

Task 1: Written questions

  1. What is a bilateral trade agreement?
  2. With whom does Australia have free trade agreements have in place?
  3. How do free trade agreements help businesses?
  4. What is the function of the World Trade Organization?
  5. Briefly describe the three rules allow WTO Members to enter into regional trade agreements?

Task 2: Plan promotional activities

Part A: Plan and conduct promotional activities

  • Describe the range of promotional strategies that TTNQ could undertake in the identified country. You should suggest at least four and in accordance with the budget and staff resources provided.
  • Describe each of the proposed promotional strategies and your reasons for identifying the promotional strategy as suitable. Your reasons for identifying the promotional strategy as suitable should also refer to its suitability in terms of meeting organizational requirements as stated in the Marketing Plan, as well as cultural requirements within the identified country.
  • Identify and discuss factors relating to either domestic or international legal requirements that may impact on the promotional activities.
  • Describe the overseas media that can be used for promotional activities.
  • Discuss which of the promotional strategies above you believe are most suitable for TTNQ in the identified country.  You should select at least two promotional strategies.
  • For each of the promotional strategies you have identified, develop and describe promotional objectives for that promotional strategy. The objectives should be specific and quantifiable. When you submit this report, you will need to include a covering email seeking agreement on these promotional strategies and objectives.
  • When you submit this report, you will need to include a covering email seeking agreement on these promotional strategies and objectives.
  • Describe the resources that will be required for the promotional activity including staff and materials. You should also indicate the overseas personnel that will need to be involved. This will depend on the promotional activity that you have selected and could, for example, include contracted personnel from agencies overseas.
  • Research and identify projected costs (you will need to investigate all costs for your recommended promotional activities).
  • Develop an action plan including tasks to be completed, timelines, costing, venue if applicable, personnel involved and resources required. To develop your action plan, you can use any type of project planning tool such as a GANTT chart. Make sure your action plan is conducted in accordance with the budget and timelines advised above.

Part B: Promotional activities coordination project

  • Set up and conduct a Skype teleconference that includes all the above personnel. Go through the action plan for the project and invite questions. Make notes on the responses. Your assessor will be asking you some questions. Note your Skype teleconference should be a video call as this will also allow you to demonstrate suitable non-verbal communication for communicating with a person whose first language is not English. You may need to explain some aspects more than once and confirm understanding.
  • Following the meeting and within 24 hours, email all those involved a summary of the meeting, as well as upcoming meetings. You must schedule in at least two meetings in the coming month.
  • As the CEO has also asked you to identify business networks in the identified country. Identify at least three business networks applicable to the identified country that you could use and what information and assistance they can provide to you. Email your response separately the CEO.