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Criminology is a course that would help me developing knowledge and understand the concepts of crimes and the psychological aspects that are associated with it. This is a course that would deal with law, sociology and psychology as any crime is related to these aspects. In this course, I expect to learn the nature, the extent and the cause of various crimes that are committed and the motives of various criminals in conducting the same. The current sources that I have related to criminology are secondary articles that is available online and offline. I have got a basic understanding about the course through  research on various articles that have appeared in different magazines and journals. Other than this I have read a variety of articles online that has in fact increased my interest in taking up this course. Some of the important questions that I would like to explore during the current semester would be to study and understand the criminal behaviour and identify the trends of similar type of crime that happens in the country. I also expect to understand the influence of the society on the crime and how the criminal laws are being framed and how this would help in reducing the crime rates in the society. This would also help me in understanding the criminal laws that are prevalent in the recent times. I would also like to understand how criminology as a trend has evolved over a period of time and how this has helped the society at large. By taking up this subject, I would also like to understand how the law of land has evolved in accordance with the changes in the society and the crimes associated with it over a period of time. Though I have very little first-hand experience in dealing with situations related to crime, I am exposed to many such situations that have occurred in my surroundings. Other than there are many news articles that are being published on various criminal activities that occurs in the society. The key goals that I would have for this course would be thus to:

  • Understand and analyse various types of crimes and the motives for committing the same.
  • Make use of the criminological theories to explain the criminal behaviour that is being exhibited at different times.
  • Understand the impact that society has on inciting incidents of crime and its implications on the society.
  • To understand the law and its evolution over a period of time in curbing the increase in crime.